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Their charging port weird...

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    • technics
    • gxJ
    • 21 Aug 2013

    Am trying to find a battery charger compatable with the battery used in the Sharp GX 20 phone ,with contact points at the bottom ,upper left side.My USB points are broken so I cannot charge the battery with the cable.If the charger is out of stock then I could get the USB port of the mobile Hope I get an answer to my query Thank you. Regards Paul

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      • klm
      • pmx
      • 06 Jun 2012

      max, 09 Nov 2009you cannotyou can by email

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        • AnonD-53077
        • Mfx
        • 03 May 2012

        Hello, my phone Battery is expired and I need to pay another one. where can I find a Battery for my sharp phone GX20?. I am from Egypt.

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          • Rico
          • pJ0
          • 01 Dec 2011

          adnan, 22 Aug 2009how can i transfer a photo with infraredYou can transfer your photos from you GX20 to your PC with a Data Cable, there are none available on Ebay as far as I can see but if you Google 'Sharp Data Cables' then you sholud find an outlet who can supply you one for about £7.00.
          I have tried on countless occasions to transfer data via the 'Infrared' application but have never been able to get it to work.
          I was going to order a cable from the link below but a friend of mine found a cable tucked away in a box somewhere. How chuffed I was when I could transfer some photos that had been on my phone for 6 years....!!!
          Give as I believe they still stock the cable you require. The 1st cable on the list is out of stock but the 3rd is exactly the same even though it doesn't say it's compatible with the GX20.
          Good luck man......

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            • Javier
            • LII
            • 23 Aug 2011

            adnan, 22 Aug 2009how can i transfer a photo with infraredHello, i'd like to know if you can explain me how can i extract my photos out of my GX20. I do not have the cable. Your response will be highly appreciated. My e-mail is , thank you very much

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              • max
              • Qt8
              • 09 Nov 2009

              adnan, 22 Aug 2009how can i transfer a photo with infraredyou cannot

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                • adnan
                • Srh
                • 22 Aug 2009

                arbokast, 07 Jan 20085 years and still going! Cool stuff!how can i transfer a photo with infrared

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                  • girl
                  • uCk
                  • 09 Aug 2009

                  very clear !! i like the images and camera

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                    • peterernest
                    • nFy
                    • 17 Apr 2009

                    I can transfer your photos off your Sharp GX20 - check out my listing on eBay.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • vGH
                      • 10 Apr 2009

                      Lisa, 07 Feb 2009Hi, ive also got this phone too and ive just read your revi... moreYou need to buy a new battery my dear

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                        • jhay
                        • wu4
                        • 26 Feb 2009

                        i cannot open the gprs of my cellphone w/c have a model of can i open it!!!!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 0F4
                          • 07 Feb 2009

                          Can anyone help? I have this phone with the phone charger and also the USB lead..... Because my phone battery is completely dead and i cant turn it on, am i wasting my time in thinking that it will download all of the contents automatically? As ive tried this a few times and nothing happens :( Its so frustrating... can anyone suggest anything? Or should i jsut buy a new battery? thanks Lisa

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                            • Lisa
                            • 0F4
                            • 07 Feb 2009

                            marcus, 07 Aug 2007Firstly, I have had this phone (gx20i) since its first rele... moreHi, ive also got this phone too and ive just read your review and you said that most mobiles have internal batteries too?? Wow, i didnt know this. I have the phone charger for my mobile, but the battery is completely depleeted :( and it hasnt charged up for years.... so im wondering now if its even worth me buying a new battery for it, if its internal battery has completely died??

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                              • Lisa
                              • 0F4
                              • 07 Feb 2009

                              Peter, 17 Jan 2009This phone is great. I am still using my Sharp GX20 after e... moreHi!!! Im in the same boat! Ive kept this phone as i never got round to transferring all my photos off it and the battery is completely depleted :( Even though have the phone charger it still wont charge up anymore, basically i want to try and find somewhere that stocks the battery to fit this phone. Sorry i havnt an answer to your question, but jsut had to share this.

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                                • magus
                                • MjL
                                • 27 Jan 2009


                                To all who asked about transfer through Imfra:
                                First of all get the software and manual from this link

                                Then, after installing the software and ensuring that the IR is activated on your PC, go to your mobile to the Menu and Applications>PC Link>Infrared. Now just put the mobile near your IR port of the PC and kick off the GX20 handset software. From there, you will figure it out what to do as the interface is very simple and intuitive.

                                Hope it helps.

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                                  • Peter
                                  • mpJ
                                  • 17 Jan 2009

                                  This phone is great. I am still using my Sharp GX20 after eight years although the battery struggles to last a day on standby after an overnight charge.

                                  I only keep this phone until I can figure out how to transfer my photos off it. I have a datacable but no fully functioning software so shall try and infa-red it across to a friends phone soon.

                                  ANy advise would be greatly appreciated.

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                                    • france
                                    • Rxn
                                    • 24 Oct 2008

                                    its unstoppable!! owning!!!!
                                    wicked sick!!!
                                    monster kill!!!

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                                      • ayobami a.
                                      • Sw}
                                      • 03 Sep 2008

                                      u guys have done a good phones are very good phones,but i ve been looking for a way to do manual configuration on my sharp gx20.pls help me out?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • pJE
                                        • 13 Jul 2008

                                        How do I take my photos of the phone via infrared , Do I need software for my computer?