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Sharp GX20

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  • P
  • Philippe
  • nAh
  • 07 Jul 2008

I have a GX20 now a bit old and I would like to collect the telephone numbers which are stored in the telephone.
Thank you for replying

    • M
    • Mahmoud Yousry
    • T0p
    • 24 Jun 2008

    Does anyone knows how to retrieve the Handset Code for the Sharp GX20? Also, does anyone knows how can the mobile send and receive photos through the infrared? Many thanks to you all!

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • wv{
      • 14 May 2008

      I have had this phone since 2002/3?. It has died and i am very fustrated that i can not find a phone of similar quality or proportion. Why did sharp stop making them. I have not heard a bad review yet. I want another 1!!!!!!!!!! SHARP- Please make me one. I would be most grateful.
      kind regards

        • d
        • dolp
        • wuj
        • 28 Apr 2008

        i am having some problems in transferring my pictures to the computer via infrared... can someone help me with this?

          • O
          • OMATA
          • Sw}
          • 21 Mar 2008

          pls,my sharp phone Gx-20.the MMS is not can you help me.

            • G
            • Gabry
            • kH@
            • 28 Feb 2008

            I've this phone since 2003 and still works. The browser is very fast. The camera is simply incredibile!! Pictures fantastic! big display with tft continuos grain (tm) is still the best !

              • C
              • Cide
              • S9x
              • 24 Jan 2008

              Have this phone since 2003 and IMO its a rocksolid piece of a thing. Its very outdated and i had never a chance to load some apps and games on it but still going strong for basic phone operations

                • a
                • arbokast
                • n}y
                • 07 Jan 2008

                5 years and still going! Cool stuff!

                  • m
                  • marcus
                  • pYU
                  • 07 Aug 2007

                  correction I have gx20 not gx20i. and the gx30i not gx30 was the phone i sent back.

                  Oh and the menus have nifty short cuts.

                  It sounds like most of you could do with this link: for manuals, irda (infrared) etc.

                    • m
                    • marcus
                    • pYU
                    • 07 Aug 2007

                    Firstly, I have had this phone (gx20i) since its first release (over 5 years). The first battery lasted a good couple of years. Then I bought another from vodaphone for less than £20 and thats still going!

                    The phone is one of the most hard wearing i have ever used.

                    And the screen size & quality is still better than some new "good" phones on the market.

                    It does have predictive t9 dictionary and you CAN add your own words.

                    You do have to read the manual to get the best out of this phone... it has features that some of the best nokias don't!
                    Like? i hear you ask... well, the fact that you can show sim or handset numbers (or just certain groups of numbers, ie hide the ones you don't use) but recieve calls from anyone on the sim or phone book and they will still show up... so for example i use my sim for business numbers and handset for everything else(all grouped) when at work only my business numbers show up in the phone book but everyone that calls me shows up if they are in one of my 2 phone books. Hard to explain but pretty useful!

                    The camera is still pretty awesome, with macro feature... but getting a bit sluggish by todays hi tech standards.

                    The Screen is awesome... did I mention that?! Photos you take look great on it.

                    No bluetooth, mp3, speakerphone (thouh there is a loudspeaker for ringtones and alarms etc - pretty loud).

                    Good clear earpiece and signal reception. Have used this phone for roaming with vodaphone and everything switches automatically. A breeze to use abroad.

                    Oh The gx 30 has the above lacking features.... but I tried it and sent it back. didn't like it.

                    Irda... works fine... read the bloody manual and try the software! doh.

                    Menus are quick. styling is/was quite ahead of time i think.

                    Cons...MMS don't always appear to be recieved by others... this phone seems capable of sending larger files and texts than some networks can handle?!

                    Just starting to go wrong now but that maybe due to the unlocking. But most likely due to the internal battery going. Most people forget that all phones have an internal battery that keeps the basic memory alive when your main battery is dead or removed. In my experience when that dies, most phones - all makes start to play up. esp my 6230!

                    There's loads more to say but i could be here all day. I think carphone warehouse still have some of these! cool

                      • y
                      • yannis
                      • nmD
                      • 10 Apr 2007

                      a cell phone full of problems...i don't recommend it to anyone sold too much only for its great screen..thanks a lot..

                        • j
                        • jane
                        • M{3
                        • 03 Apr 2007

                        hi i have this sharp gx20 mobile for a long time now but until now i dont know how to use the features in this mobile and i want to know where i can get new batteries for this one..please help me on this..thanks a lot..

                          • r
                          • raso
                          • pp}
                          • 08 Feb 2007

                          Which infra red device is best for gx20.
                          I know that "kingsun" is worst.
                          On laptops infrared devices works best but laptop is expensive.

                            • G
                            • Godwin
                            • niZ
                            • 30 Jan 2007

                            I like my Sharp GX20 very well, But i lost my user manual and needs it again,



                              • a
                              • allywdb
                              • myB
                              • 23 Dec 2006

                              Great phone but I cannot get MMS to work. Does anyone know the settings for vodaphone pay as you go?

                                • j
                                • john
                                • PWH
                                • 20 Dec 2006

                                Hi there , i've had my gx20 now for 3 years, yet i would like to know how the infrared works, all i want to do is transfer photos to a pc at the photo labs to print my pictures, please if any one knows how step by step to help me. Also what is the latest phones out in market that is very good overal, size of screen photo quality, infrared? Thanx heaps.

                                  • a
                                  • austine umeh
                                  • miE
                                  • 14 Dec 2006

                                  Sharp GX20 is a very nice phone.The only probelm i'm having with mine is that the infrared isnt working.

                                    • m
                                    • m2m
                                    • M{3
                                    • 12 Dec 2006

                                    hi, i love my gx20 but the thing is i don't know how to transfer my pictures into my computer without spending any amount. not unlike if i have to use USB cable i can easilt transfer it to my pc. please help me. i want to save my pictures from my gx20, best resolution i ever had in terms of pictures, i'll wait for your help friends. thanks.

                                      • a
                                      • amanda
                                      • mcu
                                      • 06 Dec 2006

                                      I will to know how to use save rocord as ringing tone,eg. after recording music.And also i cant use the infrared

                                        • J
                                        • Jermz
                                        • PF7
                                        • 03 Dec 2006

                                        Awesome phone for its time.. The infra-red is a mystery... Good luck trying to get that goin!!! Had mine for three years only problem I ever had was random switching off now and then!!!