Sharp GX20

Sharp GX20

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  • Evgeni
  • pct
  • 02 Dec 2006

I want to know how can I change my Light Colour.Please mail me!!!

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • SH9
    • 30 Nov 2006

    This is a great phone but, if more better to haviest more conetivity... bluetooth for example, more memory.... card slot...

      • a
      • ahmed
      • nt2
      • 30 Nov 2006

      hey i just want to know how can i send and receive files from another phone can some one help me plz!!!!

        • R
        • Rami
        • iCY
        • 20 Nov 2006

        how do i use infrared?i know how to turn it on but dont know how to send and recieve pictures etc. if u know, send a mail please

          • s
          • stef
          • i2b
          • 15 Oct 2006

          best phone ever
          the camera is wikid who cares if it doesnt have bluetooth!! thats crap! i would still have this phone if my dog didnt eat it! all those owners out there cherrish this phone its sexy and sleek n i love i got free internet and unlimited free downloads frum it haha sneeky sneeky

            • G
            • Gilber
            • S3d
            • 11 Oct 2006

            can someone help me with how to use the indrared? I know hot to turn it on, but not how to use it and send pics etc.

              • i
              • ingy
              • iEt
              • 30 Sep 2006

              the worst mobile ever duuh comeon theres no bluetooth but the best thing is the camera

                • S
                • Styllone
                • NHu
                • 28 Sep 2006

                Infrared!!! Infrared!!! Infrared!!!
                Please can somebody, Anybody tell me how to use this function.

                Apart from the INFRARED which i can never seem to use, it's an absolute GREAT phone.
                GX20 ROCKS.

                  • k
                  • karl
                  • n1e
                  • 25 Sep 2006

                  can somone please help me solve a problem i have a gx 20 but need to down load the original program sofeware were would i get this from ???
                  hope some one can help ???.

                    • C
                    • Cecy
                    • Mx@
                    • 10 Sep 2006

                    Dis fone is majorly 4 the camera ready peeps like me. Although i got this fone on my bday as a gift and den it cost about £250.. 2004.. Now its still going on, though had a problem with the charger port and just bought a brand nu one again... I'm loving the camera effect.. not for the camera shy type..

                      • k
                      • kingsley
                      • Ss8
                      • 08 Sep 2006

                      i just got my phone yesterday.d problem i got with it is d infrared.can anyone tell me how 2 receive pictures and tones via infrared thanx

                        • m
                        • magandran
                        • PTI
                        • 06 Aug 2006

                        Hi to all,

                        I bought this phone from Maxis in Malaysia(Mobile network Company)when they had a promotion,With great discounts but was still expensive. I really regret every penny put into it. It is one of the worst phones I ever had and everybodoy laugh at me.I think Maxis must have bought all the defect phones from manufacturer for a bargain and sold in Malaysia for a song....

                        It always hangs and I have to reset it by removing the card on the phone and off again put in the sim card and on again make 2 calls and recieve one call and the hangs..and start to reset all over again. I took took to the agent who service the phone for maxis at least 4 times since i bought but the problem was never solved. It's a good phone if it doesn't hang.No parts for this phone in Malaysia,not even the battery!!! So please don't buy this phone and let your friends know about this.


                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • pYE
                          • 05 Aug 2006

                          For general use I cannot fault this phone, I have owned it since it was released and have found its camera to equal and even better those of newly released phones of greater value, it is extremely easy to use, how can anyone have difficulty using the infra-red to connect to computer, just go to, PC link --> Infra-red and hold the phone against the infra-red port on your PC. the only downside to this phone is the amount of memory, but for general use it works great.

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • Y93
                            • 05 Aug 2006

                            Can anyone tell me what the briefcase symbol means? I assume it means that I'm in an international zone, but it doesn't make sense since I just got Fido service and I'm in the same city.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • j2w
                              • 11 Jul 2006

                              u have to go to the store n buy an infrared thing for ur computer and some software to install on ur computer then u use the software to connect ur fone with the infrared thing at ur comp

                                • J
                                • Jonathan
                                • ixy
                                • 06 Jul 2006

                                i love the phone but i will like to know who to use the infrared and who to activate the gprs.

                                  • m
                                  • mesla
                                  • m0k
                                  • 26 Jun 2006

                                  it is a wonderful phone.but can you please tell me how to use the infrared.

                                    • r
                                    • rob
                                    • Uis
                                    • 18 Jun 2006

                                    My opinion of this phone, and this brand is not positive. I bought it when it first arrived in asia and was impressed with the camera and bought the phone on the spot. Silly me I think now.

                                    Whilst the camera is great there are many little function errors on this model that I've never experienced with established brands. For example you can't add your own words in the texting dictionary. it might not seem that annoying, but when you couple that to the fact that the phone is missing words that are common in the English (not slang) dictionary I get so frustrated whenever i must manually switch to non-predictive texting, input the word, and switch back. Switching between the two takes 5 keys, then 5 keys back.. 10 key strokes!

                                    The calendar is a nice feature, its easy to use but not without fault, again. You cannot set reminders. All you can do is set 'notes' for any given day and keep checking the calendar in the future to see if you have a note for the day ahead. WHAT? No alarm reminder you ask?

                                    I'd feel bad to give a one-sided review without even touching on the positives. The phone generally is quite good. The speed of the processor must be good, because there is no lag time when browsing the interface, whatsoever. the screen is fantastic and the bright flash light has helped me hike through dark trails on the mountains at night. The keys feel very good.

                                      • s
                                      • sacha_dag
                                      • i}2
                                      • 17 Jun 2006

                                      i have this phone now
                                      i want to tell anyone who knows how to use the infrared( please tell me how )you can tell me on ( )please

                                        • m
                                        • me =)
                                        • Ych
                                        • 12 Jun 2006

                                        i've been using this phone for over two years usually the type to change phones every year but i've been so pleased with this phone that i havent had the urge to look at the newer ones.