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  • Anonymous
  • nFm
  • 29 Sep 2010

Can i get a USB connection for my GX22. I havent used it in years and theres loads of my kids baby pictures on it id like to print off. xxx

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    • Rodel Urot
    • P@a
    • 28 May 2009

    why i can not do outgoing calls? when i call it says call failed. its just started this morning. its been working for how many years now, i dont know what happen. can you hel me

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      • Anonymous
      • n1a
      • 08 Sep 2007

      I've had my phone for 4 years and I love it. I had to buy a new battery and charger on ebay recently which only cost a little and has extended it's life!

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        • ugo
        • MuL
        • 31 Aug 2007

        my fone is not charging any more. its kind of scary....can i get help.

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          • Anonymous
          • mYb
          • 06 Jul 2007

          who knows how can the T9 (Dictionary) can be enabled/disabled ?

            • M
            • Marwan from Morocco
            • N7W
            • 27 Oct 2006

            Hello to everybody .
            "To John " , well I hope that I can help you to get GPRS service in your mobile again .
            I think there are 2 problems which can make your mobile doesn't get GPRS and then you can't recive any MMS .
            1/ Maybe you sit your GPRS in (off) , in that case you can return and sit it again on (on) .
            2/ Maybe the calling center which is you are client in , doesn't offer the GPRS servise . In that case you have to ask them about that .
            I hope that you will find the solution of this problem .
            With my best whishes .

              • j
              • john audu
              • ixr
              • 14 Oct 2006

              please help me out. i am connected to vodafone but i cannot recieve MMS a and my gprs is not working. please help me out

                • l
                • lai
                • ibm
                • 20 Jul 2006

                how to restart gx20 i mean it have problem now~~plss tell me..[urgent]

                  • S
                  • Sonny
                  • nHP
                  • 14 May 2006

                  you go to settings then turn on infared i think. my aerial doesnt seem to work and i cant call or text anyone, can you buy aerials for phones?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Nxn
                    • 04 Apr 2006

                    i have the gx22s , but does anyone know how to turn on the IR on it. it seems like there's something wrong with it

                      • p
                      • petrobox
                      • mn@
                      • 18 Oct 2005

                      GX 20 /22 are the best phones i've seen! Only Gx32 impresses me more! GX20 has 65k but GX22 256k colors. That's the only diference. I've them both. i dont understand how somebody can say that those phones are dificult to use? They are very simply and useful, the only thing i dont like is 2mb memory. Another features r the best!

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                        • cano
                        • npp
                        • 04 Oct 2005

                        they are similar gx20 and gx22..and they are the best mobil phone I have ever phone is gx20 and ı think its 256k,because its similar gx22,so I cant understand this difference things.2mb shared memory is bad,but ıt take photo better than same digital photo machines:).everyone wake up and buy sharp gx20 or gx22...No nokia no cry:)...

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • PFG
                          • 15 Sep 2005

                          I can pimp your phone in fact i can superpimp it. I can give you a ten megapixel camera and possibly blacktooth. I can also make it have afifty billion color front screen. I am up for the challenge

                            • B
                            • BikingMadeXciting
                            • PUf
                            • 14 Sep 2005

                            how many phtos can it store? do the videos have sound?

                              • k
                              • kiiNg
                              • PIE
                              • 30 Aug 2005

                              Best thing about it is the camera.Drawback is the memory. How to get in the games into the phone?

                                • M
                                • Malee
                                • Q$5
                                • 29 Aug 2005

                                Hi.i'm from USA. Could anyone can share GX22 software to me.Please . I'm lost mind.

                                  • L
                                  • LoRanCeCarTer
                                  • TST
                                  • 12 Jun 2005

                                  YEAH!!! Finally i got to find the phone!!! just bought it yesterday!!! it's really the best phone ever!!!! thanks for u guys those posting to here and share urs opinion the phone to me... really really appreciate it!!! u make my way guys... THANKS A LOT!!! STAY COOL!!!

                                    • R
                                    • Rosna
                                    • 4t4
                                    • 12 Jun 2005

                                    hey guys.. does anyone of you know how to use the Infrared fuction to transfer the pics to the PC? i will be so appreciated if anyone could help me with this...

                                      • D
                                      • DarkYuke
                                      • RN@
                                      • 04 Jun 2005

                                      I've had the Sharp GX22 for about one year now, personally, I think that the phone is too big for its own good. However, you can print some pretty nice pictures with it!

                                        • E
                                        • Eric
                                        • SeA
                                        • 22 Mar 2005

                                        can someone tell me if you can download your tex messages from your gx22 to your laptop and if so how? i have a sharp manager disc on my laptop and i have a infrared lead and also set my phone to infrared but so far i have had no luck. any idea's Cheers Eric