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  • Anonymous
  • aii
  • 05 Feb 2005

I give anyone $1000 that is able to pimp the gx22 with a 260k front colour screen, 2mp cam, 90mb internal, and an external port, bluetooth, MP3, video recording with sound, quadband, 72bit polyringtone with mp3 support, symbian would be nice... so anyone up for the challenge??

    • K
    • Ken
    • P%$
    • 20 Jan 2005

    Hello im from cambodia . i want to know how to infrared GX22. i dont know can you help me ? thank you !

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      • Amirul
      • TSU
      • 05 Jan 2005

      I'm from Malaysia. I want to know how much the phone in Malaysia and where to get it ?

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        • Andre
        • MNv
        • 31 Dec 2004

        Hello i´m portuguese and i have a Gx20..any one can tell me if i can update the software of my phone to the gx22,if is possible..
        the display of gx22 have 262k right?why the gx20 don´t have...;(

          • M
          • Murphy
          • 30 Nov 2004

          To be Sincere,I really appreciate your good work,though I'm not using Sharp mobile phone,but what I saw here is the best,I do enjoy using your other Electronics,and I wont mind subscribing to your mobile products.

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            • sdfa
            • 28 Nov 2004

            it's great

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              • skater42
              • 11 Nov 2004

              OK, after looking at several GX20 series I found the following:

              The GX22s, GX22 and GX20N all have the 262k support. Why always the Asians :P
              Why can't the European Versions from Vodafone have 262k? Well I flashed mine to the GX20N and the menu is wickid! There seems to be some difference in color, but it's hard to tell the difference between 16-bit and 18-bit. The Display is brilliant...all I can say.

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                • skater42
                • 31 Oct 2004

                @ Eric

                Bluetooth isn't a software. You cannot download it. The technology is either built-in or not. So this phone doesn't have bluetooth, only IrDA.
                There is no way to upload Java games either. I have heard of a "LibDownloader" that can do the job for the GX10i, and I got the program, but it needs a password for uploading files.
                Even if I've had the password I'm not sure if I could upload Java or not.

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                  • skater42
                  • 31 Oct 2004

                  for all:

                  This has been answered a lot,but I'll say it again. The GX22 is exactly the same as the GX20, but the software is made for the Asian (HongKong, Chinese) market.
                  People say that it has the capability of displaying 262k colours for jpg, but I haven't found proof of that yet. I'll call sharp to confirm this.
                  So there are not many differences to the GX20, other than the screen capabilities and software (much nicer menu).

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                    • NewSharpFan
                    • 14 Oct 2004

                    I know this question might have been raised already, but can the gx22 take mp3 ringtones?

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                      • Eric
                      • 07 Oct 2004

                      Does any one know if you can download Bluetooth to the GX22? it's a great phone but now i want to bluejack some people any ideas?

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                        • LiNk
                        • 05 Sep 2004

                        Hey guys, i hope you can help me out on this one... How do i play wav files on my gx-22? When i upload the file on the phone and try to play itm it just says: Illegal file.. what can i do? tnx, bye

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                          • George
                          • 24 Aug 2004

                          The GX-22 Is MAD BUT the 2mb of memeory IS FUCKED it got mad cam quality but u cannot fit many photos!!!!!!!

                            • J
                            • Jenny
                            • 30 Jul 2004

                            Anybody knows how to download Java Games into my GX22 mobile?
                            As i can't find ways to do even i am using the handset manager programme..pls help!!!!! ^_^

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • 16 Jul 2004

                              I owned this phone for 3months and ive sold it. It is far too bulky and misses letters when you are typing texts fast. Sure the GX22 has a great picture and screen quality but only if it was smaller...

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                                • YungBuck
                                • 20 Jun 2004

                                Its the same as gx20, sharp are trying to refresh the gx20 because the name of it spoken in public is not so common anymore. I've got gx20 and the other day my friend bought a gx22 and we compared them in height,all measurementz and then the features . the only difference was the gx22 gives a different colours when texting. Sharp - WERE DISAPPOINTED IN U MAN- COME ON!!!

                                  • c
                                  • christopher roberts
                                  • 12 Jun 2004


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                                    • SITI
                                    • 26 May 2004

                                    I'm using it now.. like the picture though but I really hope this phone can have true tunes/tones for its ringing tones.

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                                      • Alan Burstin
                                      • 25 May 2004

                                      After reading all of the spectacular reviews of the GX-20 on various websites like mobileburn, I tried to buy a GX-20 in NYC but I could not because every cell phone store & supplier told me that it was by now discontinued for a while, & it would now be impossible to find a new factory sealed one anywhere to purchase. Instead, I bought a GX-22 since every store & supplier I spoke to swore to me on bibles that it has the exact same level of quality in the display & in the camera as the GX-20. Is this true ?????

                                      When comparing the GX-22 to the GX-30 in stores, I actually preferred the GX-22 to the GX-30. Although the picture quality appeared slightly more detailed in the GX-30, it was not as bright and dazzling as what I see on the display of the GX-22.

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                                        • alan
                                        • 08 May 2004

                                        i've check about gx 20 n gx22...gx 20 is for european countries,n gx22 is for asian gx 22 hav chinese display...n gx 22 is much more interesting,cos it hav a animation display manu..i've seen it in can any1 tell me,can i upgrade d software to bcom gx22?