Sharp GX29

Sharp GX29

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  • Andrew

Jake, 19 Apr 2010Piece of crap! So ugly! Was stuck with it for 3 years... it... moreDude , WTF. I've got this phone for almost 6 years and it works like its brand new.Sure..I miss my old Samsung that broke after a year of usage but I started to like my Sharp. I dropped it from the 2nd floor and it got just a couple of scratches. Battery lasts for about 4 days because I'm always texting. It's old but gold

  • AA

Can it really be used in the UK?

  • Jake

Piece of crap! So ugly! Was stuck with it for 3 years... it didnt even have a cover on the back!
Im happy i have a c3050 now.... Just lookin at this makes me remember why i put it in the phone donation box in school... so it can be squashed! Even tho i had stuff on that Oh FFS emotions. Nothing important.
No rating.

  • kaos

This phone is not that great. It is basically a phone that can send message and call someone. The only cool features are the bluetooth and that is all. Not even the camera.


very very good!
kisses of brasileirinha!

  • Anonymous

A mobile literally to call and send sms nothing else.

  • Anonymous

dis phone dosnt have enough memory

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me why my sharp gx29 battery only lasts a day even when its not been used. Also why phone does'nt always ring and goes to voicemail even when you have a good signal strength

  • andrei

i saw it yesterday in a vodaphone shop, it was a limited editions, mclaren mercedes, GREAT!!!

  • .::Next_Level::.

Great specs!!.... :P
Huge TFT touchscreen... :P
8GB inbuilt memory ?? WoW... :P


  • Anonymous

Nice compact phone for price easy to use and very very tough my has been well battered dropped many times thrown and still works, had it some time now and its getting a little tired its main fault seems to be finding a signal in poor reception areas but for what it is it is ok

  • timer

it is a disaster..

looks cheap..

  • D

this phone is crap u can play mp3 there is no space on the take this phone off the market

  • Legolasfan8

i got it for free too

  • Anonymous

hay c'mon..i got huh!!!dont be jelous becuase i got it for free..hahahahahha

  • Legolasfan8

my fone at da moment though it is crap i was only able to get txts to work for 2 wks then i couldnt txt anymore i can only call that sucks and does any 1 have a sticker that u cant take off that says sfr?

  • hichem

it's nice design and nice phone but owwwww low da price man u eat da market all and i like say that da product of hk r bad it's nt original this phone beleive me i prefer it made in japan or made in uk.

  • Harlekkin


The GX33 has been posted on the SHARP UK website. It's HOT. Not great in specs but definatelly a keeper!!!!

I think with this one SHARP will win some hearts in the low-end sector:

  • nancy lampp

not a good buy
dont buy this ?

  • NICU

its a good phone but y buy today