Siemens A50

Siemens A50

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  • abbbbb

Also my 1st cell phone, and a great one!

  • Anonymous

It was my first mobile. I bought thisby my 6 months salary

  • Shahad

AnonD-606217, 04 Nov 2016It was my 1st cell phone, it was awesome and very user friendly,... moreWhat was thoose days!

  • AnonD-606217

It was my 1st cell phone, it was awesome and very user friendly, Its games were awesome at that time as compared to other mobiles, it's sms system was also cool like pictures etc...

  • pratik mukherjee

battery for siemens A50mobile is required. how it will be available.

  • Babs

It is awesome phone in life. still i am using this phone very userfriendly mobile.

  • AnonD-418618

The most poor-quality and ridiculously-overpriced phone I have ever had. Practically everything about it sucked. Calls would drop halfway, call quality was horrible and you struggle to listen to the other side, battery life is short compared to Nokia phones from around the same time 10 years ago.

  • AnonD-375375

My first very own cell phone. Loved the interchangeable covers and the fact that it could display a picture as a network carrier logo . Loved it

  • nerwin

This was my fave phone during my college design, very user friendly, highly dependable phone...sadly, it was stolen and if there will be available A50 today i would be glad to have one of this......

  • Christian Minkov

My first ever phone. What an amazing phone it was back in the day!

  • Planet Rock listener

AnonD-45075, 04 Aug 2012Had this phone back in the day and ya, very solid little phone..... moreI totally agree with you I've had mine for 13 years . Didn't think it still worked so got a Nokia classic 6303. Still a good phone but the Siemens A 50 is still as good as new. I got a touch screen smart last year with my orange phone fund. But it would have been great if Siemens had continued making mobile phones and. Gone on to Make smart phones . I have the other two phones for different purposes but I still use my Siemens a 50 as a spare

  • Dr Bob

Siemens Man, 05 Apr 2013I just took my Siemens A50 out of its package for the first time... moreDoes anyone know how to change the password on this A-50 that I have?

Bob C.

  • jarwo ajah

this was my first phone cell, still have it but not work anymore... can't find batterry replacement coz it was discontinue product...

  • Anonymous

this was my phone number 2. I think i bought it in 2003, and in 2005 we tried to drive over it with a tractor, but it still working!

  • Siemens Man

I just took my Siemens A50 out of its package for the first time since 2007. It turned on normally with out charging it or anything. Awesome phone! I still have the original handsfree, charger and all the instruction papers left in the package. The phone looks like its never been used. Might just put it up for sale :)

  • AnonD-105138

As a first phone, this was great. Very durable and long battery life. Could be a little thinner but still working as of now and used as a backup phone.

  • hatless

this was the model of my first phone.
mine still works.
i dont know how they make these, but they are incredibly durable.
i accidentally threw mine out the window of my car while driving at 70km/h. got out, picked it up, and it was fine. no damage at all.

  • Lahiru

If anyone says this is Shit, Their latest Apple or Samsung or whatever is shit X 100. I love this mobile, Still working like a charm. I also brought many new mobile phones. But this one never goes away from me.

  • AnonD-45075

Had this phone back in the day and ya, very solid little phone.. I'm just disappointed that Siemens haven't delivered top end phones like Nokia, Apple, and Samsung.. otherwise I would probably be owning a Siemens now.

  • AnonD-53736

Can I have one?