Siemens A50

Siemens A50

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  • AnonD-53736

Can I have one?

  • Alex

One of the most sturdy phones i have ever had, dropped it, smashed it against walls, dropped it in water, always worked. amazing

  • mahesh7652

my phone is dead does any body knows were it is repaired.

  • Ludwik

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2011in low budget this phone is theeee best... i have used this cell... moreIt was not cheap when I bought it.
A couple of years later I bought a Nokia 3510i, with low use, that battery lasted upto 14 days!

  • Anonymous

Ludwik, 14 May 2009Good looking phone ! You must be joking ! Looked fine on p... morein low budget this phone is theeee best... i have used this cell for over 1 year and the battery timing was upto 5 days. i really missed that cell now...

  • Rayac

My 2nd phone. Used it till screen died.

  • Anonymous

I still use it as a second phone. The battery is very weak but the phone is still in business. Still depend on it, and its still as reliable as it has ever been.

  • Moolahcrazy

This was my first phone and i love it had it from 2003 and its still working, i've run tru so many phone that come and goes and this phone is still here. Right now i'm using a bold2 and satio, and i know there gonna go leave this phone

  • jerald

no comments........... but i too have this phone

  • Anonymous

this mobile typing is very good but this moble have one probem its has no colour display :S

  • Anonymous

The phone is gr8, it's been working for liek 5 years now.

  • Ludwik

1233333333333, 13 Aug 2008The Best Looking Phone Ever Made. Period.Good looking phone !

You must be joking !

Looked fine on paper. When I got it. Yuck Yuck.
Even the numbers on the buttons came off. and cheap plastic.

Nokia's and LG,s are much better looking.
LG Shine is better !

  • john

hey!! who uses crap like this now? my grand mother had an even better phone. buy a n 96 or 8220 flip...

  • rully

My uncle give me this sexy phone!

  • sachidanand

Does gprs facility available on this handset

  • Alex

I have this phone, it's good but i still prefer the C45 though.

  • Jacob

this was the 3rd phone i owned after a couple of brick ones! :P
i brought it about 6 years ago, and its still going now just as it did when i brought it! Brilliant litle phone ! :D though if you want something withh plenty of gadgets...this is not the phone you want! xP

  • Ludwik

My second phone. Looked good on paper. In practice, battery life poor, switched itself off in middle of long call. Buttons not responsive after a couple of years. Froze when tried to check texts soon after startup. Had to take battery out to unfreeze.

  • Ravz

this was one of the first phones that i had... unfortunately the battry was cute and easy to use... damn i miss it

  • marc

optimists, 17 Aug 2008the worst phone i've ever had!!!!!!!!!your such a loooser