Siemens A52

Siemens A52

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hi pleas i need program to downlod tones to my A52

  • ebenezer

Dear Sir/Madam

My problem is I want used one of your phone the (a52) but I don’t know where I can find, so if u can help to get it I will be very glad, am from Ghana west Africa and my name is Ebenezer.

  • praveen r

hi. this just to know how do i download a free poly ringtone for my siemens a52 mobile

  • Dimi

I've got a Siemens A52 phone and need to remove the network lock on it. It would be really awesome if someone could help me how to remove this and where i could download relevant software.
Thanks in advance

  • Prasanth

i am from india. i have A52 . can anyone please tell me how to and from where to download(paid or free dosent matter) the ringtones and screensavers, i m really tiered of unsuccessful searches on the net

  • aouzal

i am from morocco ,can i receive polyphonic ringtons from a sms

  • yogwardhan

i am in india. i have A52 . can anyone please please tell me how to and from where to download(paid or free dosent matter) the ringtones. there are 4empty slots named sound1,2,3,4.
please please please please, i m really tiered of unsuccessful searches on the net

  • M.Shah Jahan

can anyone tell me that is it possible to download more than 4ring tones & more than 2 logos if yes then email me on my email address please.Thanx

  • John

looking for 300 p. of Siemens A52

  • Isidore kounywi

Please I'll like to get ringtones directly on my phone,but I'm in Cameroon and my network is Orange CAM,so how do I do?

  • Isidore kounywi

I really like the siemens A52 handset.It's really portable,class and easy to manipulate.But,please can you tell me how to download or compose a ringtone onthe phone?Thanks

  • Moise


I bought a Siemens A52 in Sweden but i didn't know that it was network locked; can somebody help me so that i can use my phone in Belgium (Siemens A52, IMEI : 353618002513135)

  • Osama Osman

my phone was locked , no way to paid ,please send me free unlock code for siemens a52

  • piotrek

I won't find siemens tolls for siemens a52.Whe are find the program?

  • M.Shah Jahan

I have this set 4 about 4 months.It is a good set especialy its outlook & smartness.My friends have Nokia 3310,1100,2100,2300,Motorola C300 & Sony-Ericson T100 but all appriciate the beauti of my set.Despite of advantages i feel that this set also have some disadvantages i.e.,sound of ring tones is very low,just 4 ring tones are downloadable,i could not send any pic msg.,there is no reminder in this set.T9 text input is very good thing in it & the no. of call recved & calls missed is also plus point from Nokia sets.Alarm clock is also a good addition.

  • Phil

I have a siemens a52 mobile phone which is network locked. Previous network provider not helpful. Where can I download the unlocking software?

  • mike bickson

i luv siemens phone they r class fones

  • prijith.s.kumar

i have siemens A52 i can download the ringtonesor compose the it have the facility to read picture message.

  • Arden Ennis

I was totally against cellular phones but my sister insisted that I have one and bought me a Siemens A52 cell phone. I must confess that I became fond of that phone because it was so user friendly. Unfortunately one day it dropped from me while at work, I remembered the pin # however Ididn't quite remember the phonecode and stupidly tried three times with the wrong numbers and disabled my phone.On several occasions I call the service provider here in Jamaica and they said that they have sent request to the overseas office for the code but have not received it. I would really like to know how can I get the code to unlock my phone? If the reader of this mail can help Please send a reply.

  • fadi

it is practical but i cant find the program to conect my mobile with pc