Siemens A75

Siemens A75

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  • AnonD-71337

I wanted to know if possible that in this cell to open my facebook?? answer plzz

  • ardii

I wanted to know if possible that in this cell to open my facebook??

  • Anonymous

My mother used this phone, now i used it since 2 Years, battery goes on for more than one week, it work perfect!

  • zaman

I'm using this phone for 5 year and still it gives me good service. It's charge stay for 3days long. I'm proud of having this phone.

  • Anonymous

Just purchase A75, but it will not stay on. All i get is aircraft check what must i dowhen i see that?

  • iz

this phone is so bad i think nokia 1100 is better than a75 i advise those people who was thinking to buy this phone battery time is so low hardly 1 day vibrator is bad.

  • Anonymous

can i connect siemens A75 to my PC to manage the messages from the inbox???

  • sumaila

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2008 i need software updatehi my seimens a75 is missing so pls if u can check on ur computer or u can see see

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2008 it needs it's software updated i need software update

  • Haika

This is the best phone i never use, i have this phone for 2 yrs now.I like it.The problem of this phone some time you can use internet with out any problem but some time its take long time to search web.Its needs to be updated

  • Anonymous

it needs it's software updated

  • ferdous

can I get a datacable for this phone? And, Can I use this phone to connect to internet via computer, I mean using it as a modem? I will be very pleased if someone reply. Thanks in advance.

  • Klaas

I've got the same problem. The phone just shuts off. After a year and a half. But there is a 24 months garantee on this phone so maybe that will work.

  • lizzy

I have been using this phone its cheap ,but from day one i bought it started to switch off from time to time ,personally i don think this phone is superb.

  • Aman

I bougt this type phon and I want to know the information about the call barring system

  • Anonymous

i have this unit for almost 2 years now. one day, it automatically shut off. never had the chance to open the cell phone again. a friend said it did not have anything to do with the batteries because they are still working pretty well! what am i to do?

  • ray

have this phone for bout 2 years now and it still works great .
doesnt know much but its cheap

  • Anonymous

i bought this phone and it was good. but i t wouldnt vibate otherwise it was good.

  • M

eu vendi hoje.... tÉ que enfim... hehe. aqui É dificil vender mas É Ótimo de trabalhar. os clientes grossos que dizem ter É papo, ter educaÇÃo pra conversar com eles que sÃo muito gente boa...

  • Enigma

Is it a maufacturing defect? I have the siemens A70 AND the Siemens A75 and the ringtone would just change itself. They're both stuck on this one ringtone and no matter what I try I am not able to change it.Somebody help