Siemens C25

Siemens C25

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  • idaad

i have "my" c25 for one year. i've been offered my friends to change my c25, but i still keep it. because it's small and light, easy to use and i could save my money, not to buy others.

  • sushi-x

this is my old celphone and all i can say is that it's tough... mine fell from the second floor of our house, down the stairs, to the ground floor... and nothing happened! small, light-weight, cheap and i hardly lose signal...

  • Desmond

Well - this phone has everything that a phone should have. And nothing more. If you want to talk - and you don't want to spend a lot of money for the phone this is a good choice. If you want a nice colorful toy with games, icons, lots of melodies...don't buy this phone..

  • Annette Lanzon

i would like to get the manual in the english version as i cant seem to get it through the internet

any help?

  • Kutu KL

Ada kawan saya tu sekarang guna tipon ni la. Opis dia kat Bangsar, atas bukit. Okay jer kawan saya kata... kekadang tu bila masa nak balik rumah kan, berjam gak dia call. Bila sampai rumah jer dia stop, sambung lain kali katanya ... hehehe

  • Ari Muchtar

This phone is very comfortable. I have this phone since two years ago and I don't have any problem yet.

  • Me

it is graphics...shite ringtones...its falsely advertised!!!
I want my money back!!!

  • gugah

the carger batterey traveller is easy damage....!!!

  • virga

I mant more now about icons in phone.
And when i get messede phone ring very short. What doing?

  • Chris Grillo

Absolutely no features at all...not even a clock...but it does what a phone is supposed to do....great reception and fault there...a bit bland though

  • David

I think the C25 is a very good phone, but i wish you could download icons for it, like you can for Nokia phones.

  • Andrea Zheng

This is the worst mobile phone I bought,
I used it only 1 month.
My suggestion : "Don't ever buy this stupid phone ! "

  • Sara

no good tones

  • devlin

This phone is good but the display is poor. also you cant search for the telephone numbers alphabetically which is a big handicap. please let me know how to get good new ring tones for it if you can

  • Daniel

Please help me with a operating manual for the C25.

Thank you