Siemens C25

Siemens C25

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  • morshed

My First Phone

  • InternetArcheologist

It's funny to come to comments of phones like this, everybody is nostalgic... But it's even funnier to go to the first posts, dating back to 1999 and 2000 when people were actually using the phone and had real questions about it. Man, 20 years old posts. This must be how archeologists feel after they dig up something

  • bob

I still use this phone until now

  • Anonymous

My first phone. But I think I already said that somewhere in the comments below

  • Deepu

My First Phone

  • Anonymous

My First Phone

  • Sahil

AnonD-368750, 30 Apr 2015My First PhoneMy First phone too, i still remember the excitement, i had to made booking in advance like a month ago to get this one from Orange.

  • AnonD-476503

i have 3 these mobile phones.but i was difficult for look for battery ..just one that usable and work

  • AnonD-368750

My First Phone


AnonD-77072, 13 Nov 2014My First Phone....Can never forge Nice & Super queality my fst phon

  • AnonD-77072

My First Phone....Can never forge

Nice & Super queality

  • Mike

Tough, ellegant, simple. Good quality parts are hard to find these days. Bought one in 2000 and I'm still using it now, 2014.

  • rado

Fantastic mobile. Bought it second hand for $200 usedit for a year and sold it for $180 😃😃 will never forget it

  • Anonymous

My first mobile phone. I liket.

  • ansh

have good memories with this mobile

my first love :)) my friends were jelous on me at that time :), i took it in the army with me, a very resitant phone!, old memories, i will never forget it

  • kurtz

this was my second phone the 1st one is motorola mis this phone

  • kala

this was my 1st was good phone. i will always miss its.

  • ajju

It was my first phone, way back in early 2003. Just missed those days :(

  • novac

no vibration