Siemens C25

Siemens C25

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  • kurtz

this was my second phone the 1st one is motorola mis this phone

  • kala

this was my 1st was good phone. i will always miss its.

  • ajju

It was my first phone, way back in early 2003. Just missed those days :(

  • novac

no vibration

  • Anonymous

My First Phone :)

  • Mado

My First Phone :)

  • Xenocid

My first phone also! It was one of the smaller phone on the market in that time.

  • Md. Mashud Rana

Siemens C25 hand set my first phone. Siemens c25 are good service.

  • Anonymous

My first phone. One of the best!

  • Deebo

This was realy a siemens great!!!

  • sandhi_star

this is the strongest phone i've ever had. my first phone. the sound was very loud but no vibrate.. it had no clock either. old technology, but this one is virus resistant. :D

  • jojo

huahahahaha... this phone, my first phone tuiiiitt..tuiiit ringtone LOL

  • Ashley

Liked it, durable battery, simplicity, some language support, robust no hangs, and could bear falls etc.

  • peela.pavan

My First Phone....Can never forget.

  • Anonymous

Haha! Actually used this to hit my brother when he punched me in the face.. and it was still working! Dropped during a call but did not hang up.. it's so freakin tough! Too bad mine doesn't work anymore.. problem with the jelly keyboard..

  • Valek

Wow ...time do fly... one of the tough phone.. I do almost everything, cover/housing changes, LED color change, short antenna.... manual keyed ring tones... I having fun with this my 1st phone... Nice design during that time... this phone i will remember forever.......
Siemens C25 ladies and gens....

  • shobhit

One of the best toughest phone. We dont get such phones now.
Truly remarkable and fuss free.

  • sunny

Best phone ever had
"good old memories"

  • Anonymous

real roxx, 16 Jan 2011my 1st phonetop fone can still remmber the ringtons

  • Anonymous

A great phone!