Siemens C35i

Siemens C35i

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  • Lincoln
  • YQM
  • 26 Dec 2010

Vishal, 21 Nov 2010Can you believe guys - I am still using it. One of the bes... moreDear Visal, Can you please tell me from where you got the original battery, I need one badly

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    • Vishal
    • vG%
    • 21 Nov 2010

    Can you believe guys - I am still using it.
    One of the best phones.
    Voice quality is very good.
    I have to keep almost 1 inch away from my ear.
    Recently i bought a original battery.
    The over all experience is good.

      • z
      • zoran
      • 0xh
      • 13 Oct 2010

      that was my first mob,he is still alive and in use....good as new

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        • Sohail Aorung Syed
        • syj
        • 05 Sep 2010

        it was my very first mobile phone bought from Siemens Outlet Saddar Karachi Pakistan in mid 2002. I was very excited to have it. Voice reception remained marvelous over the span of about five years. The battery is totally consumed and unfortunately I am unable to find a new original one from anywhere. I am not in use of this set these days but I still love it and will never sell or give it to anyone in the world.

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • LGw
          • 13 Aug 2010

          This was my first phone as well.I was very excited and i still love it.

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            • Nedjon
            • SXn
            • 06 Jul 2010

            It was my first phone, and I had it for quite a while. It was strong packed and very resistant to bump and falls, and it had decent durable batteries. Simple and easy for use, and it also had some options I cannot find on new phones, like discharging batteries and so. Used it for three years, when some problem with battery contacts occurred. Probably minor thing, but I've decided that time had come for new phone. In global, I really liked this phone.

              • R
              • Rajib
              • vIH
              • 02 Jul 2010

              This was my first mobile phone, bought in October 2001. I spent around Rs. 7500/- for this. That was an era of Nokia 3310. I had used that for almost two years, before it was pick-pocketed in 2003. NIMH battery did not last long, which I replaced later with a Li Ion. Even today, I miss my c35i. :)

                • V
                • Vimal
                • jZ7
                • 17 Feb 2010

                This was my first phone, I still love this phone :-)

                  • A
                  • Amardeep
                  • vwc
                  • 24 Dec 2009

                  it is my first phone, i cant forget it.
                  only battery has peoblem, otherwise phone was ok.

                    • T
                    • Tamer
                    • n9M
                    • 30 Jul 2009

                    This phone was a lovely piece of my phone stream. I loved it so much that after I dropped this in water I bought another Siemens: the C60. I sometimes feel sorry why Siemens couldn't keep in competition in this market, I used to love thir phones... After years I found love in HTC Touch HD, but the time between C35 and Touch is gloomy gap... :)))))

                      • B
                      • Bill
                      • 3J6
                      • 23 Jun 2009

                      Won this on EBay for less than £10, cheap but still more expensive than a Sony Ericsson J132 with Torch/FM Radio and colour screen. nonetheless, C35 is a classic and cannot wait to own it again!!

                        • R
                        • RATAN J.
                        • Mbt
                        • 04 May 2009

                        Any body can help find mechanic who can repair Preamp, While talking signal gets lost

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                          • Bill
                          • 0RC
                          • 18 Mar 2009

                          Peter, 11 Mar 2009I bought it in the beginning of 2002. It still works fine. ... moreGood man, this IS a classic, you are wise to like this over your HTC Touch HD. I own a Red Viewty and Samsung G800, and call me insane, I'd swap my 5MP capable G800 back for my old C35i. This was my first proper phone although it was my second phone back in 2000. Loved this phone and still do.

                            • P
                            • Peter
                            • n7V
                            • 11 Mar 2009

                            I bought it in the beginning of 2002. It still works fine. (only a battery change after 4 years.)I can send sms and also e-mail (via service provider)watch wap (of course an old version)and make ring tone. I have a htc touch hd at the moment. However I like Siemens C35i better.

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                              • adicid
                              • ji{
                              • 09 Jan 2009

                              My 1st phone in my life. I was so happy that time so that I spent many times, days and nights to play with it. Never forget such a lovely memories!

                                • s
                                • shail
                                • 2@X
                                • 09 Dec 2008

                                C35 was my first fone. it has a very very special memories in my heart. although battery is one of the worst, but still i like this fone for being so nice and sleek design phone

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                                  • wlk
                                  • uCp
                                  • 18 Nov 2008

                                  already many years i used...till nw its still ok.
                                  juz the battery gt problem.
                                  nw keep as collection!

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • M3s
                                    • 10 Nov 2008

                                    my first ever phone i got it for passing my 11+ and i had it for years and loved every second

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                                      • AMAR
                                      • M@P
                                      • 18 Sep 2008

                                      i rally like this phone, this was my first phone my freind gave me it, the phonw is brill i love it!

                                        • A
                                        • Aditya
                                        • wr0
                                        • 01 Sep 2008

                                        This My First Phone...

                                        I Like It..

                                        Its Ever Fall Down More than 10 times..
                                        but.. its still work..