Siemens C75

Siemens C75

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  • Anurag

Just got this elegent looking phone... The phone is a steal in this price range ( i got mine in Rs 5500 with one year gurantee).
The major drawback i have noticed is the battery life... it doesnt even last for 12 hours of normal usage after full charge.. can anybody help me out.....
Moreover the built is also a concern as the rear cover makes squeeking noise whenever any key is pressed.
I would have preffered a lens cover for protection.
Do Siemens provice external bodies in case the original supplied body has developed some scratchs...?

  • nachoto

Great phone, BIG HQ screen, solid body, very complete software package, lacks mp3 support but plays wav files and that is enough for ring tones. Also, the included vga camera takes sharp photos, much better than SE K500's ones.

  • Mustakim

I got a siemens c75. it's working good. it would be more nice if the Black color would available. is shows a "file system error" when i use the USB data cable to transfer data from computer or install java softwares or games. overall it's a nice set at a affodtable price.
Thanks Siemens

  • suman

today i ve just bye it, hoping that it ll be perfect combination with me. Thanks to siemens to issue this type of high facility set at minimum price.

  • Fizzzi

Hey all,
I have a C75. it is very cool. but it doesnt play mp3 or wave files. sox is for UNIX environment. please tell me how can i convert themto be compatible for C75.

  • M.Raza

Hi, all I have this phone since three months & I am very glad to tell this phone is complete user control & power of cmmunication, those user they are looking smart phone I would like to suggestion to chose this one. what u looking in phone? allmost is in there. I am professional in software, this phone software allow u complete free space to assign any key with any function. Phone book & its presentation is Excellent.
If u have any query please contact me

  • lukasz

welcom I'have this mobliefone and i'm very hapyy. i'm like his menu and rington (wav.) is very good mayby not have mp3 player but his price is small, i'm like this

  • win98se

which program and it's version supports this phone?

  • nex

it's a good phone for its price.the screen is larger than on my k500i but i think the k500i is far much better.why? mp3 player.3d games(best java games up to 500k).it has 5x zoom but there is almost no diference.anyone else compared the procesors?try fpc bench and you will see the diference.

  • Joy David Barman

can i use MP3 song?

  • barny

I need USB driver for C75 can you somebody help my.

  • absorber

battery lasts for about 2 days with intense usage (camera and calls, IR drains battery too) and around 4 days with minimum calls

  • Anonymous

How is the battery?

  • absorber

I vas very pleased with this feature-packed, stilish handset, until it started acting crazy. After about 5 months of usage the phone suddenly started to randomly turn off, costing me a lot of trouble. Also, after about 3 months the joystick lost its plastic tip (small transparent piece of soft plastic, wich helpes for better addherence). Luckily i found the tiny part and glued it back.

  • Vanson

30 sec.

  • Phiron

Good phone for the price, but the pictures is no good, has horrible dots...

Sorry, my english is no good

  • Denny Setyowati

It's a nice phone. But it will be more exciting if the logo of main menu performed in 3D animation. The present logos are too simple and the bottom keypad is too narrow to phone edge. I will consider to buy the new one if Siemens release the new phone which appropriates with my above request. Off course with a little bit improvement. Do you still have the stock for Siemens S 10 ?

  • Lisa

I mean.. How long can he record?

  • Lisa

Can C75 record video's?

  • Xmasy

is perfect for me