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Siemens C75

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  • Monis

What is a diferent between siemens cx65 and siemens c75? can any one tell me.

  • Anonymous

I think Siemens have best software, and lots of good features, i know some ppl from my class that have 'better' and more expensive phones, but cant do half of things that my siemens c75 can, or c65 could. siemens rocks!

  • soxxo

Can anyone please give me a exact link from where i can download SOX ?or can someone email me the program please please please ???
I tryed to find it but on the net in only found Linux versions and on windows it was not sox.exe but it was a MS-DOS program and it didn't opened when i started it.
If someone has the right installer of SOX can he please email it to me or give me a link so i can download it too ?
I am desperate !!!Thanks in advance
PS: my email:

  • magnus

It is a wonderfull phone but i have one problem muy battery is not well

  • suexilin

I have a digital camera at all times in my bag, but taking a pic with my phone and attaching it to a phone book entry is fun. and it takes about 10 sec.:)

  • suexilin

exactly my point, peanut butter....if you bother to read the post i was answering , you would understand that.:)

  • peanut_butter

suexilin, if you wanna take a picture please use a digital camera! cell phone is for phone!

  • suexilin

The phone has a VGA camera, not a megapixel one. VGA cameras don't have a very high resolution, and pictures maybe "dotty", which is called "noise",it happens to digital photos when there is not enough light.
Try to take pics with sufficient light, i've found photos to be very good outside.
if necessary push the exposition to +3, ( by pushing the joystick to the right, when the cam is on)
If you take pictures inside make sure the the person is close to a light sorce.
Hope i'm helping :)

  • Sameh

i've just bought this mobile now,,i didnt surf it much,,but i dont know the camera dont seem nice,,many dots while taking pictures,,i used to have cx65 and it wasnt like that??does any one have this dots??,,,i dont wanna get dissapointed and when i transfered it to my computer the resoltution was bad alsooo,,someone heeeelp????,,,my phone got industry fault or what?? or it's like that?,,or because it's not fully charged?

  • Sander

Yes, using a laptop is definitely an option, but I don't have one.

So for every wav ringtone I want to use, I have to send it to a friend who has a laptop, get over there with the cellphone and transfer it over irda. Not worth the trouble in my opinion.

Oh well, after a few weeks the phone is nothing but a "phone" anyway, in the end all the little bells and whistles are quite unnecessary for the casual user.

  • suexilin

try with Infra Red Port, every laptop has one, i think.
My laptop found the phone when i positioned it next to the port, and opened a Wireless Link browse window, asking me what files would i want to transfer to the phone. Fast and easy, and no cables involved :)

  • Sander

Thanks, I managed to create a wav file in the suitable format but I don't have a data cable, so there's no way for me to transfer the file into the mobile phone. I've tried sending it to my e-mail, uploading to different sites... nothing. Gah, I'm just gonna have to forget about it and next time just buy a phone that supports mp3.

  • suexilin


I had the same problem about wav tones, but after a sleepless night reasearch on the net and in the siemens forums, apparently everything can be found.

Now i'm using a mp3 splitter to cut a piece of a song i like, than i convert it into wav with any of the free programs,found on the net, and finally i run it thru that thing here­?t=2214

that i discovered on siemens planet's site.
Then i upload the melodies with a data cable on my phone and it works great. I especially like that i can make my own ringtones, and it's for free. :):)

  • Sander

Could anyone explain how they got this phone to play .wav files? I've had friends send me theirs, I've downloaded them, all to no avail. It simply won't play them.

  • Sam

I'm just using this cellphone, Siemens C75, It's very useful for me. I love it :)

  • Higo Ishigami

Excelent phone!! Very useful.

  • Tjobahej

Vlad, check out K500 or Z520 as well from Sony Ericsson....

  • tjobahej


how can you say that K300 has worse photo than C75? Both have VGA camera - same quality... C75 has a better LCD if one thinks that is important ... but the TFT-screen sucks more energy from the batteries which is why C75 has less standy-by time and less talk time...

  • Sunday

Tanx! suexilin I really appreciate your quick response

  • frix

dear all,
as i ever mentioned b4 that between C75 vs K300 I found a lot of advantages from C75 rather than K300. except it's mp3 player. but what r u gonna do with 12mb shared memory inside considering it has mp3 player?!
DISPLAY: C75 is brighter than K300
PHOTO QLTY: C75 is better far from K300
U can keep my words above. NO DOUBT that C75 is better than K300 & even CHEAPER though....