Siemens CF110

Siemens CF110

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  • Anonymous

I guess the spec isnt all that great, they could have upgraded the 1.5mb memory abit more. Then the phone could be used as a "stylish simple slider" (excuse the alliteration)

  • Swod

This is what I call nice! I hope the buttons are not too small as I found the buttons on the SL65 and SL75 too small and difficult to reach, certainly the upper row (1-2-3 buttons)

  • Tess

I think this is a great phone for my baby sister who is 4 years old. A perfect Siemens toy phones for all babies grrls!

  • Morter

WoW, Great Phone!
no doubt!!! but from where? by shape i think ... LoL
Keep on Siemens .... we've left expecting good phones from you now ... may be the next model will be one with a black&white screen!

  • Aamir

Great Phone....!

  • emblema

siemens simply sucks
65k screen?
No card slot?

Cmon Siemens your technology is old !

  • chris977

its the perfect phone for my sister, she doesent need more than 1.5 MB of memory or infrared/bluetooth etc. :)) very nice design, clean and simple.

  • Orange

Very nice design! But how come it has only 1.5MB memory? How come it has no infrared port? wth 10g heavier to add an infrared port is acceptable. Nowadays, mp3 ringtone support is essential.

  • Norf

Well I couldn't resist being the first to post - so, an entry level slider from siemens. No cam, no bluetooth, a whopping 1.5mb.... yet you get EDGE.... whats the point in that with only 1.5mb. Unless this phone is gonna be under £150 Siemens have wasted their time.....

  • jorj jackson

Hi I love siemens fone it's good for just speaking it's beauty but have no more thing than a fone