Siemens CF110

Siemens CF110

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  • Lizzie leek

DoctorD, 03 May 2015"Aircraft Check" with options to "please con... morePhone has wrong firmware .
Needs to be re flashed with correct firmware

  • DoctorD

Autran, 31 Jul 2010Dear Sirs, I own a CF110 (Blue) that is in need of technic... more"Aircraft Check" with options to "please confirm" each time I turn on my phone. Then it switches off. HELP

  • Miniml

Where can I get this phone input pin specification?

  • Cajun Joe

I have one & it is very pretty in the box or in my hand. However I rarely try to use it & today I dug it out & charged it. I tried to use the currency converter after a long charge & can not figure it out. I updated the date & time fine but am afraid to trust it on an upcoming trip since Mobal discontinued it a few years ago.

  • Autran

Dear Sirs,
I own a CF110 (Blue) that is in need of technical assistance. I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and, strange as it many seem, I can't find a phone number or a local store to find out what is happening to my cell phone. Would you please send me an address or a phone number for me to get in touch?
I'd appreciate it.
Looking foward to your reply, I am

Felipe Autran.

  • Ritz

I have had this phone as a back-up phone for more than 2 years now. Excellent sound from ringer. got it for less than 3K in India, which is exceptional keeping in mind the slider and the music record functions. Though a little slow its good.
After about a year of operation the battery went down giving only 30 mins of back-up. I could not find the original battery of Siemens for it, so got a duplicate one.
Now when i put the phone in charge it automatically shuts down. Can some-one tell me where can i buy a battery or make some repairs on this phone?in India?
i Would like to continue to use this good phone as back-up!

  • SMAr2wo

SMAr2wo, 01 Jun 2010In standby mode, my display light is flicking for a few sec... morei found it : Menu>Setup>Display> Partial LCD backlight.

  • SMAr2wo

In standby mode, my display light is flicking for a few seconds, like a reminder (attention, etc). I don't have miss call or unread SMS, or alarm active. What is about? How can i disable the light display flicker? I made a master reset....but no changes :(.

  • graj

look wise it is nice but in working time they create problem. dont purchase.b'cs there are belt problem as well as batry problem.oof!!.

  • ash

nice phne

  • ashish

the best phone of my life.......siemens build quality is exceptional...all mobiles fail before siemens

  • ugh

My cf110 came with all text and menus in greman how do i change it to english?

  • imran ali

he has bluetooth
and book my order and my hose
addres:house no :A-152 bilal colony korangi karachi

  • bravo

my phone has been working well since i bought it. but from nowhere it started bringing a message saying insert simcard. help me what is the problem or what should i do?

  • Anonymous

This telephone is the most disappointing I have ever had the misfortune to own.
When it was first made available it had an rrp of 70GBP, which is reasonable to spend on a good phone. However, this phone has several flaws which impede even basic usage and are absolutely unacceptable given current standards:
- it turns itself off without warning, several times a day. I have not been able to establish why nor to prevent it from doing so.
- It has never had a very spectacular battery life - two days when not used for more than a few minutes. A day at most when only using it for 20-30 mins. Any more frequent usage and it did not last through the day. After a year of ownership I am unable to get the phone to last more than a day, and this only without using it. From fully charged, after 2 minutes of use or an exchange of 3 or 4 text messages the battery is drained and the phone turns itself off. This is all the more frustrating as it is a slider and has a tendency to open itself in a pocket or a bag, using up battery life.
- The interface is sub-standard when compared even to more inexpensive products by other manufacturers. It looks like that of phones that were on the market ten years ago.
I am surprised such a product was permitted onto the market. Not even basic functionality was ensured. It performs better as a paperweight than as a phone and it is a discredit to Siemens, whose sale of such a product prompts serious doubts about the reliability of the company.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

just got a cf110 off ebay....i love it,it's
small but the ringer volume and earpice volume is very loud...this suits my needs.I'm
using with t mobile ...perfect quality is much better than my previous crappy motorola v3...i'm planing on using it in europe this summer...if your'e looking for a simple good phone for under 60 cant go wrong

  • Anonymous

this is the best phone ever.
no camera, bluetooth or mp3 playback, but if you don't care this is a phenomenal mobile!
very small and light weight with great display, great build quality, a loud ringer and strong vibrator. audio quality is good too. I strongly recommend the BenQ-Siemens CF110

  • cristy

I ive from ROMANIAN and i have a phone siemens day the flatcable of my phone was cut.what to do?sombody help me please.of phone... is very beautifull i was present from my brother of Spain.Thanks.:)