Siemens CF110

Siemens CF110

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  • Alex

this phone does not show the real coulers try modifying again

  • A.Ismaila

I must be sincere that the siemens cf110 phone is ok in term of functionality. I have enjoined the phone not untill it develop screen problem which I really want to know if you can render any assistant that can help me revive the screen again.

  • Dante Regis

Completely CRAP! DON'T BUY IT! I live in Brazil and cell phones are far from cheap here, and I regret deeply to have spent money on this phone. Worst of all defects: IT IS SLOW! Imagine a situation where you NEED to talk to someone very quickly, but the line is busy. The phone won't allow you to call again in less than 10 seconds. It may sound little time, but when you are in a hurry, it counts. Same thing when you end a call: 10-15 seconds before you can call again. It will tell idiot things like "Call Finished", "zzzzz Activated"(it's in portuguese Desvio Ativo, dunno how to translate it), "Keyboard locked" and you CANNOT press END to skip this crap.


  • Anonymous

I also bought a cf110 off ebay, and mine works perfectly. It's a phone. That's what it is. It isn't a pda, a game boy, an ipod, or a digital camera- it's a wireless phone, and works very well as one. The reception is quite good, sound quality is clear on both ends, not many options as far as alert and ringer sounds are concerned, but provide simple options if the cheesy ring tones don't suit your needs. I do find it a little slow in loading different screens, but this isn't an issue. I like my little phone. Don't get it if you want more than a phone.

  • jtajala

i just got this phone and for some reason the ringer won't work. it is not on silent mode, all sound is marked to be on. i bought it off ebay and it was a final sale policy. what do i do? I can't find a manual on line either.

  • i hate siemens phone

all siemens phones are crap!! honestly! i have th A76 wow its crap i cant believe it actully qualifies as a gsm phone it has no memory what so ever! i tried to download a wallpaper and 1 polyphonic ringtone and the phone went mad. not to mention it has the slowest processor ive eva seen wen i text im usually 2 or 3 words ahead of it and this is from a 2 month old phone. out of 10 id give it like under a 1 but only cuz it can make calls(to some extent) do not make the mistake do not buy siemens phones its just not worth it. till they take more pride in their work and make better phones i say we make them suffer

  • irene

I can download ringtones and save them to the phone, but not wall papers. The wallpapers (downloaded from free sites) display in the phone, but there's no SAVE option, so when you navigate away from the page the image is nowhere to be found. In the case of ringtones, you can save them to a folder specific for downloads. The wallpapers are not saved there, though, automatically or otherwise.

Does anyone know how to save downloaded wallpapers and images? Thank you from Rio, Brazil...

  • winnie

i just ordered a Siemens CF110 and would like to download more games, where do i go for that?

  • Anonymous

To yaya:
Go to "Ring tones" and select "Silent alert". That's the vibration. Good luck!

  • yaya

i just got a siemens cf110...and im usually pretty comfortable using new phones but...i cant figure out how to turn on the vibration mode. can anybody help me? i seriously couldn't find it it my phone.

  • Anonymous

Suha: Go to siemens-benq website. There should be some support for MMS activation. You simply select your model, your country, and your network operator. Then you'll recive SMS with configuration, which you just apply. For the case of Poland it works ;-)
You can also check your at Network website

  • Rafa

Frankly speaking, the only advantage of CF110 is its cute design. It doesn't offer any additional facilities {camera,mp3,radio,G3,HTML browser, Memory Stick}, but certainly if you consider purchasing that phone you don't need those gadgets. Phone is, however, very slow and tends to freeze for a while {mostly during writing SMS with T9}. Battery lasts for 2 days [2 minutes of calls+ few SMS daily], but if you reduce your TFT brightness [to 10%] you may get even up to 3 days of battery last. ;-))

  • Suha

How can I activate the MMS service for this particular phone? I have had it for almost a year but still can't receive or send MMS.

Input appreciated, Thank you.

  • Anonymous

it depends, this phone is only Triband so it only works in the 1900mhz frequency, so if cingular works in a different frequency it´s obvious that your phone doesn´t work...

  • Anonymous

To Paul:

This phone cannot work with Cingular in the US. You will have to get a phone from Cingular or switch to T-Mobile. That is your only option.

  • Paul

Hello guys, I just got the phone for the US and using it under the cingular network... but I am never connected... does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  • mali

hi guys are there any body answer me? i have a problem this phones earphone voice level is so low why? any idea? what i make for this?

  • K.H.

Hey. This is actually not a commnent because i dont got it, but i want it. I just wonder if there is a software-upgrade of some kind, so you could get rid of the "Old Menu Look".


  • Klaus

As far as I know you can't attach a camera because it doesn't have a menu for it. You can only receive photos throug MMS, the quality is rather good due to the TFT screen.

  • Anonymous

can u import or put in a camera in this phone?????????