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Siemens CL75

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  • Ali Kumbo

Can some one told me where i can find software of Siemens CL75 in Free ware(web link). coz my Mobile is restarting again and again some one told me that it is software issue.

  • Anonymous

emily, 09 Jun 2007i have a Siemens Cl75 and when i try to put the volume high... moreare you adjusting your volume while actually on a call. This works for me.

  • Anonymous

Hi can anyone tell me how i can picture messages from someone on Vodaphone. I have the Poppy version and have no problems with any other service provider

  • nur

I have two problems with my Siemens I can not see my MMS mesages do you know what i have to do? and the battery that i see i'm not the only one.

  • Jen

I've had this phone for nearly 4 years from new and never had problems apart from the low battery life. Its is a lovely phone.

  • Anonymous

i brought this phone last year and it is really really cute, but for some reason the ring tone doesnt seem to work? its not on silent or any thing, but when some one does ring it just flashes

  • Aimee

i Got The Poppy One. Its an Orite Phone But The Battery On It Is Completely Rubbish. And Can You Actaully Stop That Noise That It Makes When Your Texting or Pressing a Button? Its So Loud, and Everyone Can Hear when Your Texting or Something. Well Annoying. So Yeh, anyone Know How to Stop That? If it Makes Muchh Sense.

  • Nat's husband...

Yes my wife has this phone and it is absolute garbage.. very difficult to navigate, it wont download or receive any files sent to it, then if it does your options are 'delete' or 'delete all' so if you want to actually PLAY them, you are unlucky. I have bought her a nice Samsung today, when it arrives this phone is going in the river.

  • anna

I have had cl75 for 2 years and everything starts to malfunction!first i don't have games anymore by some reason....when i get a message i press the key to see it and it says that there aren't any messages and i have to go in the menu and then at messages and then see it! it's pretty annoying! i came to love it but it has too many bad things about it....i have to charge almost everyday becasue it loses battery by just talking on it with one person....almost no memory...too bad it's like this because it's a nice looking phone!:(

  • CAMY

i had this phone for about first it was preety cool but after 2 months it started changing the seted ringtones, images, turning on and off for no reason...BAD PHONE...its nice altrought for an old lady =))

  • clint

my wife has a cl75.
not only is it a very longwinded & confusing phone to use, it has a habit of crashing, removing screensaver images & ringing continuously without anyone ringing in for no apparent reason.
overall this is a pretty poor phone.
the settings are both confusing & sometimes unreliable.
playback mode with sound may be muted but, finding a way to un-mute it will take a lot of exploring.
top tip: don't buy a phone unless you are fully aware of all its features & ease of use & if buying from ebay, ensure it has the manual incase it's difficult to use.

  • Tab

Just bought this phone from ebay for my daughter, for some reason i cant get any of the ringtones or voice recorder to playback. Any ideas why?
Loudspeaker must be working as i can hear the other persons voice during calls, just no music etc.

  • Anonymous

Any ideas of how to take this phone apart?

  • Anonymous

To give longer battery life, turn off Infra red connectivity in Settings, this looks like it is the default setting. Battery loses charge even when phone is off. From charging every night I now charge every 3-4 days.

  • Anonymous

i just bought one off ebay and its great but im having problems with making mms but its okay cuz everything else works fine and that can be fixed with a usb cord!!

  • chloe

i have this phone for almost 2 years, and mine is working perfectly!!!
a few marks and scratches but that is school life!!

  • Doc

Do u know which cable fits to that phone? DCA 510 or 540?

  • Monica

Have the poppy one - looks fabulous, but unfortunately not that good. Got to be fair though, didn't get it new, but the battery life is NOT good, it freezes and the keypad is not that good. If it's for limited use, I'd suggest it, but I much prefer my Samsung. (no bluetooth either =/) If looks do it for you... ;]

  • lucy

this phone is terrible not a good buy for anyone..
freeses all the time . and has is just a pile of crap

wudnt waste my money on it at all .

  • christopher easton

how do you put the speaker phone on