Siemens CL75

Siemens CL75

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  • Anonymous

Its sreen can become mirror ... and it have some feetness programs = only for girls ... and iknow 95 % here who posted are man ...

  • Anonymous

Mid class phone for girls = 250 - 350 but this is so elegant + nice features + good looking + good matererials maybe more ... but just maybe ...

  • ziusha

The desing is quite girlish, kind of flower-power. Just wonder how much it costs. Does anyone know? Thanks

  • azza

mayb summit decent from siemens for once.... way outa fash though not very nice looker...siemens have to be the black sheep of mobile phones

  • sonyericsson

uuh.. so ugly!! CF75 = winner, buy it!!

  • Sami

Really beautiful phone but features are poor even my cheap old nokia is better, atleast it has a radio :)

  • Raj Doshi

Strange they included Java MIDP v.1. Instead of 2.0.

  • Jill

The looks are great!!!!!!! Too bad the camera is just as bad as my phone and i have mine like already 2 years..

  • matt smith

I am one of siemens biggest fans, i love all their mobiles.
Its been a long time comming, but I am very glad that siemens now have 262k clour screen mobile phones, also vey plesed they have a 262k clour flip phone, can not wait to get the cl75 and try it out.
Looks very cool.
Comment from Matthew Smith