Siemens CL75

Siemens CL75

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  • Lisha

This phone is just looks amazing.....and i WANT it! how much is it?
Ot is so cute and girly and i really really like it....i want a new phone as i didn't take much care of my last one and i feel this phone is perfect for me!!
so please could you send me any details about this phone including the price and where i could get one!

  • natasha

heyyyyyy i got this phone for my brithday and i was woulding how much it is worth?
xXx tasha xXx

  • tk

LOVE the look of the phone. i've emailed siemens to see if they will tell the release date & what companies it'll be compatible with. i'm cingular so does anyone know if that will work? didn't think to ask how much it'll be. 2nd quarter phones are already out so shouldn't this one be?

  • EMMA

hey! i love this phone sooo much! how much is it? when does it come out in denmark and will it be in a tdc shop any time soon! i hope so!!!! ohhh this is soo on my list!

  • monique


  • Kitty

This phone is fabby dabi dooooooooo!Lovin the floral, just thought I should tell you all it's comin out just before christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lucy pascoe

i want that phone now but how much is it and when does it come out because my freind wants it to and i dont have much money lucy 12 cornwall

  • Lexi

i totally agree! fab phone much?!! ive heard that at a touch of a button the screen turns into a mirror!! teehee

  • Alison

I think this phone looks great but how much does it cost? Someone put that it would be mid price, but how much is that? Also, I know it says that it will be avaliable from the 2nd quarter 2005, but when is that? Does it mean at the end of June? Help! thank you!

  • Helen

I have read that this phone is going to be in the 'mid-priced range'.

  • vodajohn

aargh great.. another design fone; as long as it has flowers or teddybears on it u can sell this baby to every woman in need :-) we sales people love design foons and.. yes, women

  • laura

it's great. Pease, if nayone knows...let me know the price!! Thanx :))

  • pisicutz

i love it!does anyone know how much is it?please e-mail me...I NEED TO KNOW!!!great job SIEMENS

  • Jess

Any pictures of the Pinstripe Version available?

  • liyana

This phone look smart... i like the houseing
it's so elegent.... but is there any other colour?

  • Maria Victoria

I am a fan of SIEMENS, and this mobile is very elegant. Will it come to Greece sometime? When? I am interested to buy it. What can I do to have this mobile phone?
Maria Victoria

  • RAJ

this phone is so ugly eewwwwww nasty

  • ynad

this hp looks darn great! used to really hate clamshell hps but this hp reallie made me change my mind.
onlie prob...features-wise, it sucks big time. sighz..not even a radio/mp3 player.

does anyone noe..
a) how compatible it is wif mobile games downloads
b) how much it'll cost in Singapore
c) about when it'll arrive in Singapore..

  • doodah

i like it
it's look gr8 when itwill be avalable in middleeast?
and how much?

  • Siemens Cl75

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