Siemens CL75

Siemens CL75

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  • Thu

I love it very much.

  • Mariposa

This is the best phone i've ever seen in my life.I can't wait to get one as soon as possible.HOORAY GIRLS!!!

  • ajmak

Its absolutely elegant
I purchase one for my gf last week,
its stable, sound great, graphics perfect
and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its made for girls, no girl will resist this mobile
and all my gf friend are dying to buy one
well done SIEMENS

  • Robert

Bought one Monday, returned it today (Wednesday) and traded it for a Samsung E530. Spend the extra bucks and get a phone she'll really like!

Screen quality was disappointing, lots of colors but poor resolution makes it look cheap. Ringtones sound distorted at 3 or 4 volume, and I had some other problems such as blank screen, random restarts and such, but those may be 'coz it is such a new model!

What counts: she didn't like it. The square edges and hinge design didn't fit her hand, and the phone was hard to open.

Like I said, I traded it for a E530, and she loves that one!

  • olga garcía

Is there anyone who has this phone? In Spain it hasn't come yet but i've heard some comments (not very good) about it: it spends too much time in charging battery, it goes out battery in just one day, not so many features as they advertise,... Is that true? It's too expensive to get deceived about. I'd like to know before buying it. >Kisses from Spain

  • Irene

This phone hasn't Bluetooth...what the hell is thinking Siemens? in prehistorical age? Infrared? Nah! BLUETOOTH POWER!

  • Maija

Yeah, sure, from 1st October :P I've been waiting for this phone since May and every month they keep telling me it will be available on the next one :)

  • mirage

I cant wait for this phone to be out. At least i wont have to carry a mirror with me. But when will it be in the UK please Im desperate

  • Djimi

This phone will be available from Oct 1st in the UK with a slightly different appearance - more feminine!

It should cost around £100 and will be available on O2 and Virgin.

  • hanna

Does anyone know when this phone will be available in Ireland and what it will cost, I can't find it anywhere! I love Siemens and this phone is gorgeous!!

  • joe

this phone dont have megapixel

  • Mila

It has a very nice disign, I had Sumsung T500, in the same dark red colour, also has a mirror. This ohone has a great future because it is made for women with a personality. They combined the classicism together with elegance. A woman with a phone like that can show her own personality and also can show that she is different from others.
I like very much the idea of feminine phone, there is not so many phones with so nice disign and posibilities.
I am going to have this phone as soon as possible.

  • Rebecca

I think the design is really cool (the flowers)! The features sound good but doesnt sound like there are many but I really want it!!

  • anesa

I love, love, love the phone, mine is like 5 years old and this one is great so if someone wants to buy it to me, go for it:)
love you guys, kisses from Sarajevo

  • becca

Found a website which said the phone is £191 inc vat, so i am guessing it will be summthing like £200 in the shops. Aswell as the red flower design they do a black one, might get my boy friend one so we can have a 'his and hers monile phone'

  • Amy

Love the phone wish i could buy it NOW
does anyone know how much it costs???
Has anyone got it and does it work well???

  • Kawaii

This phone is SO cute. It's really great, I love the look and the whole mirror thing but it really doesnt have that many features. Why not? Why couldnt it have a radio or a caller ID thing. I think that kinda sucks, I dont no if I want it or not

  • Rob Robinson

Looks a gorgeous phone, my wife loves the look of it. My only gripe is that Siemens have kept us waiting far too long for it's release... it seems to have "coming soon" for about three and half years ! (ok, a slight exaggeration).
BUT - I emailed Siemens who advise the release date is 12/08/05 in the UK. Fans, the long wait is almost over........

  • soph

lv the phone arrrh is beautifulllll!

  • bex

OH MY GOD! the first time i saw this phone i was like 'aahhh i love it!' it jus sats everything about me!!! so if u do know how much it is please please please email me and if it will be available in the uk anytime soon?!?!
thanx so much
bex x x x