Siemens CX75

Siemens CX75

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  • Orn

you can use both dual-voltage and normal rs-mmc's

  • xelzinhu

rs-mms, dual volt or normal?
it works with all type of memory card?

  • squal

To Zakaria Habib of course u can send picture missages (mms)

  • mohamed

the cx75 speaker sound is superb!!!! , it is louder and better than that in the nokia 6630 yeah i am not lying i compared between the sounds of both telephones with the same mp3 file and guess wat??? the cx75 wins ,the sound is crisp and loud and vivid through loudspeaker or the headphones

  • chris977

to larne & others:
pics r good, i cant give u a comparison to samsung phones, but r the same/better than some nokias. cant tell u much about the video, i dont use it. it supports up to 1GB rs-mmc(the siemens site says). software works fine, no major bugs or not at all. i have the M75, which is the practically the same phone. i dont realy like the cx75 design so i bought the M75 which also has the resistance to water, shock and dust, very happy with my phone. i dont think u would regret buying it.

  • Zakaria Habib

Can anyone tell me whether I can send pictured messages with this set (CX75)? This set supports GPRS and MMS. But, Siemens web site says it does not supports Picture Messaging. Please click the link to see the details,2241,h­q_en_0_89750_rArNrNrNrN_variation%253A-5_pageTyp­e%253ATechnical%2Bdata_imagePos%253A0,00.html#co­ntent. If there is any possibility to send Picture Message then please let me know.

  • Anonymous

I want to know one thing. MP3 perform mono or Stereo sound?

  • lanre

hi guys,just want 2 get cx75. how clear/sharp is the picture/video compare to samsung? can the mmc accomodate 1g? how is the software? can anyone convince me more why i should buy the phone? plssss i nid a help. thanx, lanre

  • Anonymous

There isn`t any mmc card in the box with it :)

  • Orn

that depends where u buy it from here in Bangladesh when i bought on I got 128 RS-MMC with the HHS-700 headphones....
another poster here said that he also got the same deal(128-rs-mmc w\ hhs-700 headphones)
I bought this phone for my Girlfriend and not for myself

  • bmb

to orn.i'm about to buy cx75 i wonder if i get memo card with cx75 and if it's 32mb or 64mb
i realy need to know this plzzzz

  • Anonymous

I have Siemens CX75 and I must say cx75 is the most stupid phone .i must sell it .cx75 is themorst phone ever.I disipountet.

  • Kimo

Hi all ,
I am thinking of buying this phone , but I have 2 questions : how big is the screen ? and how is the menu ? are they good in comparison with the phones in the same category ???

  • Orn

yo! busta this phone supports rs-mmc which stands for'Reduced Sized MMC),u can use normal mmc cards(the one's the sx1 uses) but then the botton half whould stick out

  • busta

hey. what kind of MMC do u guys recommend? and also, do ALL MMC poke out of the phone when its inside? or are there smaller ones so that it won't show and fits all the way inside? and can we store mp3s on the MMC?

  • Abir

is there any way to play mpeg4 or any other type of video files in this phone?

  • Ehsan

hi Ashique.Excuse me 4 my English.yeah I have had your problem too.It depends on quality of downloading files to the phone.first I have done it using Infrared port .and sometimes during downloading, the connection was failed and again It connected.but now I am using Card Reader 4 my RS- MMC . And it has not any problem.

  • Ashique

can anyone tell me why do I always have this msg when I switch on my phone "card defect or not formatted". I formatted the card. The msg disappeared. However It started appearing once again when i downloaded some files to my phone from PC. as such the phone works fine.

  • Anonymous

correcting the second question.
- if i put a card of 1gb? works perfectly?

sorry.... =

  • MIKO

-cx75 does not support more than 512mb card?
-if I to place one card 1gb? it works perfectly?
-sd/mmc in the place of rs/mmc has problem??