Siemens CX75

Siemens CX75

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  • truong

battery is not good enough. full one can use only 1 day :-( is there any better replacement?

  • asem

hi all,
what is meant push to talk, how is it implemented on this mobile


  • Ehsan

Hi, I thought CX75 has 14 MB shared memory, but it has not more than 8 MB ?

  • Ehsan

yeah, unfortunately It can not display a video in the fullscreen mode... :(

  • Dreem

Very nice, its a fanastic mobile.

  • bebelush

Hello all. I have 1 question....were can i download drivers 4 my cx75...plz tell me!

  • mohammad

how can you view a video clip or a movie in the FULLSCREEN mode..?
i know it for images (by pressing #) but not for the video..?

  • Dime

This is fantastic pfone.

  • squal

Of course it can play video (3gp and mp4). u don't have to remove the battery to insert the mmc.

  • mohammad

hi everybody
first ,i just want to know that can this handset play video..? i mean can i play movies on it..?

second how the mmc is inserted to the phone by its side or should remove battery..?


  • ogie

sorry, not bob...i mean mohamed...

  • Ogie

i have same problem with Bob, my cx75, sometimes its freezing and then suddenly off.
it happen saveral time...anyone?
(fgive my english ^_~)

  • 8ilip

i've bought the phone last month, and i'm satisfied with it. There is a problem when u change the language, then some menus change to the new language and other stay in the previpus, but if u put the phone off and on its ok.
I have not yet conected it with my computer and i would like some advice. should i use usb data cable or IrDA?

  • Navid

this is so cool,although you can't work with the phone while an mp3 is being played.This is the only imperfection

  • squal

I advise u to buy CX75 not SE K700. CX75 has much much better camera, memory card, it is newer, u can update it easily, a lot better file system, better address book, it plays AAC files and much more.
Buy CX75 without thinking.

  • squal

Any problems will be fixed in the update so don't afraid and not all CX75 have this problem. Both display and speaker are good.

  • Shaon

Same problem like Mohamed. Is anything wrong with display or speaker?


please help me wich telephone would you , advice to by, SIEMENS CX75, or SONY ERRICSON K700i ??
it's until tomorrow.. i cant make e decision...:(
thank you

  • Bob

Can this CX75 come with support on Pinyin search for Chinese words

  • mohamed

plz can any one help me.
my phone is working well but suddenly , it has this small problem , when i try to open mp3 file from phone memory it plays it but the screen turns white and i have to reboot the phone. this problem happens with mp3 files only , can anyone help me???????????