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Siemens CX75

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  • Murad

Nipun,Tayem,Asiful,Dr.Sabbir..ur coment is true,It is also true that it's good with our budget.In this budget there have no set in Nokia with this feature...and its quality is not so bad.In near budget nokia6600 is very poor..Nokia also the nokia users opinion.
I'm sorry for my bad English.Plz if u can,give me 3d raching game 4 this

  • Nipun

I was just fascinated to see to specifications of cx75 in gsmarena and bought this phone two months ago. I was very glad as I've got a 1.3 mp camera, video recorder, voice recorder, mp3 player, irda-bluetooth-usb options, huge memory with a free mmc card and sooooo on. But I am quite disappointed as I've that the pic quality is not that good (pics are large in size, but have spots), video clips can't be exceeded more than 37 sec, recorded voice quality is not satisfactory (the voice are recorded in AMR format, is there any way to convert it to MP3 format?), mp3 sounds good in headph but not without it. The battery performance is veeeeeeeery low. Sometimes I've to charge my phone two times a day!!! The speed is veery slow, and it often gets hanged. And the more irritaing thing is that sometimes my display gets mad, everything got stretched haphazardly, nothing can't be seen. I was about to cry to find this prb for the first time as I bought the phone by my scholarship :(...

The phone has lots of attractive specifications at a very cheap price....but quality is not good at all...


  • Murad

Are u Bangladeshi?How can u have upgreded ur mobile software?Whats the problen else?Plz inform me.


i bought my cx75 on october 2005, after inspired and getting information from gsmarena. initially it was relatively good with the version 12 variant a707 software.recently i have upgrated the version to 23 and has made the greatest mistake. software version 23 is really really bad causing frequent shutdown of the set during camera on or mp3 playback. really awesome. so dont upgrade the software to version 23 and better not to bye any siemens mobile in the future. thanks

  • Murad

In the world it is a best mobile with its feature & its cheap price.Its quality not excelent but very good.Its image quality really good,there no black spot.Its camera works very good in the sun light,but in the night!!
Hi,guys can any one give me 3d games & application.PLZ..


  • Fahad

i recently bought cx75. it really looks good. have a mmc in the package and a mp3 player built in and comparatively in low price.

but . . . . . . sads . . . .

this set is frequently gets off. frequently it infromed that the memory card is damaged or not formated. and lots of problem. the camera doesn't have night vision. so in low light or in night the taken pictures are very bad.

as well as all the applications are very slow.

i agree with "Tayem"

living with this pain. my pain is huge because i bought this set with my first income.

note that : i live in bangladesh. and all siemens phone available here is from china.

previously i was using nokia after using siemens i will say nokia sets are really better than siemens.

and if u r a bangladeshi and planing to buy siemens set please please don't make this mistake like me. cause all the set now available in bangladesh is from china.

and my last word "i will never ever buy or use a siemens mobile"

-all this are my opinion please don't take this as a fact.

  • Murad

In the world there have no mobile set with _sterio mp3,262k color display,1.3mp camera,memory card,blutooth,3d java,mp4 available in that cheper price!! I'm a user of it4 two month.Its quality is not excelent but good.So who have little budget its very good4whom.

Now anyone can give me game or application or others4this set.I also want2give u.Ok..
My mail

I'm waiting..

  • Anonymous

plz plz let me know whether there's any way of getting phone pilot in my mobile siemens cx75?

  • Anonymous

in m65 there is a thing called phone pilot. in this set is there anything like that??? plz let me knw

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me how do i get the 3d annimation? one of my friend is using m65 and when a sms comes some sort of a cartoon comes and displays new sms. i want that!

  • Dr.G.Sabbir Sattar

Hi, I am just wondering weather it is possible to install any software in my CX75 set to record the incoming calls? Can any one to help me.
I just want to Know that weather the USB data cable is not available with the set? Because I have to purchase it separately? why? Is I am being cheated by the selling center


  • Ali

HI Guyz and Girlz.I am planning to buy that phone.can anyone give me the honest opinion who r already using this phone wether to buy this phone or not.coz many people don't have good perception about this phone.prompt action will be appreciated.

  • clara

i am trying to download mp3 songs but when im transferring an mp3 song from my laptop using IRDA it does not transfer. The memory is not being stored on my 256 MB card. Can anyone please help me?

  • Tayem

shahid, i strongly recoment not to by cx75. its look is good, not in function. 1.3mega pix camera don't give a quality image. the picture is big in size but there remains lots black spot on picture. camera focus is worst kind.

it frequently hang. it can't read from the card often.

i called the simens service centre they didn't response. so, i had to be with this pain.

best of luck

  • Ahmed

Can i ask about how to increase vedio recording time please.
Best Regards
Note:My mobile is "Siemens CX75"

  • Shahid

Hey, All siemens phones avilable in Bangladesh are made in China. Is those phones are good? And should I buy that?

  • siemens user


To prospective buyers of CX75 - please do not buy this phone if you can afford another 1.3 MP camera phone of other manufacturer. The phone is kinda ok - feels the same as cx65 and s65. The camera is the same. The firmware didnt seem much different. the MP3 player is really sloppy - though the sound is good. can play on speakers or headphone but the player is bad - gives you a headache. The camera is average - the colors are not so real, auto white balance not rilli good. But then, siemens menu system and the way its organized is good. If youre tight on budget and want a 1.3 mp camera good menu system average to poor battery performance mp3 phone with a limited function mp3 player - go and buy it. its not bad. I rate it 8.6 out of 10. Sony Ericsson K750 got 9.3 from me.

Go search the other reviews on this product before buying. Have fun.

  • Anonymous

hi,iam going to buy this mobile, plz tell me about it camera workung in night bcz s65 has a slopy camera function in night.

  • Anonymous

can anyone give me real player jar file for siemens cx75

  • Sahib

Hi,It's a fantastic mobile(mp3,camera,display)!!
But at starting time my phone show that massage _"your mms card have defect"Anyone can tell me,now what can i do??