Siemens M30

Siemens M30

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aaaah...a had this phone for some transitional period ....I still remember fancy red light display! My 15-16 years old me like this one :)

  • Anonymous

what was the games this phone had? anyone knows?

  • pataran

this is original oled display

  • kk

i miss this phone

  • Vicky

M30 is my first phone.. I have learned everything from that phone. I always love this phone

  • Anonymous

my first handset :)

  • Anonymous

It was my first set. it was such a nice experience.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2012Worst looking phone. Ever.Worst looking phone ever?!That is ridiculous,this is one of the BEST looking phones ever,i had C30 but i have sold it but long ago,but few days ago i have found this phone in mint condition,i was thrilled and bought it right away!It have brought so many memories back... :)

  • Anonymous

Worst looking phone. Ever.

  • mani

mani, 19 Jan 2012my very first phone,,if im not wrong mid 2000- I LOVED IT,... moreit was 2001...i remember well now.

  • mani

my very first phone,,if im not wrong mid 2000-
I LOVED IT,,,I STILL DO NOW...i wish i still have it,it has lots my memories......aaahhhhhhh,

  • jay

My 1st phone in 01. My sis used to call it 'heart failure' coz it'd light up all red in my shirt pocket.........

  • money.atiq

my first phone in 2001.i really loved t ,i could stay for hours playing its games...ang changing tones...omg,gone are the times. where can i get another one like this?

  • montenegro

It was actually Siemens C30 in my country. I cannot find it under that name on this website.

  • montenegro

This was my first phone ever. Bought it in 2001. It was Ok, lacking vibration and alarm. I remember playing Black Jack a lot on it. Battery life really sucked, hardly one day when it was brand new. Where is the Siemens section in the phones menu on the left on this website?

  • Bruno

It was my first phone for mobile commmunication in 2002. I liked it very much though i unfortunately lost it in a bus in April 8, 2005.

  • rashad

This was my first phone ever used. gifted by brother on my graduation day. i love it very much

  • yey

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2008This was my first mobile phone and i liked it very much. Fo... moreMy first phone! I loved it!

  • Anonymous

This was my first mobile phone and i liked it very much. For me, the menu was very easy, pretty handy!
Only little problem with the battery.

  • mja

It was my first phone & it was pretty nice.