Siemens M30

Siemens M30

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  • Anonymous

this phone is pretty nice, but its also old so i wouldnt get it

  • TC15

i am first to post yess

  • Anonymous

pls don't buy this phone! it has poor network reception

  • graham

benjamin - I doubt the designers of this phone have beeen fired, i bet they have retired long ago and probably died of old age. Their children and granchildren are now the designers of alcatel and philips phones.

  • Aloyce Ambokile

I have this M30 handset its about 6 year now i'm still using it and it have no problem arise befor i declare that it's mostly best phone.But it fall down 3 weeks ago then it start to loose the network bu i'm mostly like it.I price the manufacturer of the siemens.All the best.

  • benjamin

this must be the abosolute worst phone ever made. the menus and interface is totally impossible to understand. my god. i hope the people who made this are deeply ashamed and fired.

  • shri kant gupta

I recently got the c30 seimens mobile phone. it is used phone. it is same as m30 i think
i do not know all functions. I require a users manual. can some one help. thanks

  • erwin_gitu lho

oh God, this phone are unbelieveable and so unexplainated!!! In indonesia this mobilephone can be founded averywhere because M30 design so arrrggghh...(terrible)

  • Benny

It looks like a tuber of yam. the worst happened when i changed my fone's casing it become more like a cucumber with it's danger light glittering.(Red)

  • Albanus M. Kiminza

This phone is superb, only that it looses charge very quickly. Or is there a problem with mine?

  • SeanE

The ugliest piece of shitte I have ever seen.Whoever at Seimens that designed this was on drugs!!

  • Anonymous

Weird lookin'

  • davis

i dont enjoy it's functions,may be some one was learning to make phones and he or she started on it,though it si small

  • Fiona

I found it very handy in South-Africa, but now that I'm in New Zeuland I cant use it because nobody can or want to give me the Network code.The screen is broken and cant find spares anywhere! Now I can not use it anymore, and is not very happy about that!

  • Rivaldo Marsus

Hallo all, I'v siemens m30. but it's not work like before, couse sim card was locked. can you give recommond what should i do? is there key/number/software/tools or others for example? thanks

  • Opara

from germany to spain with M30 siemens locked after introduceing a new simm card.
How do I onlock my phone?
May I ask the network code number to onlock my M30 siemens phone.

  • Ashoka

i have M30, is network lock.. how to Unlock my phone

  • uche okorie

Actually, i have a question.the m30 that my brother gave me is asking for a network number. He was using it in kenya before coming back to our country.once i insert the mtn sim card it displays the product name(Siemens m30) and then asks for a net work number.

  • zebby sakala

I would like to order the cover for the above phone. Please contact me as soon as possible.

  • Joseph

I think it's a cute handset. Please mail me the price... I couldn't find the price online.