Siemens M30

Siemens M30

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  • c
  • claire
  • 18 Jan 2003

My boyfriend saw this phone in a shop somewhere and fell in love with it. I'm trying to buy him one as a late xmas present but can't find one anywhere.
Can anyone help me?

    • H
    • 30 Dec 2002

    my phone is telling me (phone failer)so plz what can I do? e_mail me now plz before I do away with my phone.

      • M
      • MaPHiSTa
      • 12 Dec 2002

      I bought this phone ... and a week later sold it ... it sucked ... red screen ... lousy ringtones ... The thing that cracks me up the most is because the shape is like a dick or Vibrator for women ... good thing it doesnt vibrate ... dont buy this phone ... I recommend siemens c45 better ... +[O_o]+

        • T
        • 30 Nov 2002

        tell me about siemens c30

          • v
          • vandana
          • 22 Nov 2002

          how can u get new ringtones for this phone???

            • P
            • Peter
            • 15 Nov 2002

            This is the nicest phone I have ever seen.
            What design!

              • O
              • Ochieng' Okwaroh
              • 22 Oct 2002

              My Siemens M30 phone is locked to a Safaricom(Kenya) line and I want to use a Kencel(Kenya) line both of which are GSM. Please help

                • G
                • Grace Adhiambo
                • 22 Oct 2002

                my siemens M30 has this message on it.
                sim card blocked.What can i do.Please help.

                  • z
                  • zebby sakala
                  • 18 Oct 2002

                  I have a handset which is sim locked. I would like to unlock it since I tavel a lot.

                    • k
                    • kinyua
                    • 27 Aug 2002

                    why are the m30's noisy when calling or reciving. it's like pots and pans being dropped in the kitchen.

                      • A
                      • Andre
                      • 28 Apr 2002

                      Good desain - bad phone

                        • R
                        • Ray
                        • 16 Apr 2002

                        I can't do anything with M30.
                        It's a sucky phone

                          • J
                          • Jeff
                          • 12 Mar 2002


                            • E
                            • Edward Waithaka
                            • 20 Feb 2002

                            will sometimes hang when you press exit while it is indicating "please wait...wait please". It has been quite efficient for me as a student.

                              • s
                              • stanimir
                              • 09 Feb 2002

                              dovolen sam ot nego no menuto mu e mnogo bedno

                                • O
                                • Osama Bin London
                                • 06 Feb 2002

                                I have a m3 0f my own...andi think it's a nice phone ...nice design but vvvveeeerrryyy old fasion technology...

                                  • B
                                  • Bogdan
                                  • 22 Jan 2002

                                  It sucks!It`s quite small but the display is very small and that red light is annoyng.And it has no alarm clock,no vibration and if u miss a call u`ll never know when because it doesn`t show!This is no siemens...Siemens makes good phone but this one is just a Bosch made under Siemens name...

                                    • y
                                    • yuckie
                                    • 18 Jan 2002

                                    It's nice. Not as many features as a lot of other cellphones, but it's cheap, and the battery lasts for a week.

                                      • A
                                      • Adytza
                                      • 08 Jan 2002

                                      This is not a Siemens for just the fact that is writen on it.
                                      This is a Bosh(909-upgraded)mobile.
                                      I know, because I'd opened it and all the internal chips were Bosch!!!
                                      So, if you want to buy a Bosch mobile, you can also buy this stupid crap(C30-M30), cause it's also a Bosch!!!!
                                      Remember that.

                                        • m
                                        • michael
                                        • 29 Dec 2001

                                        i have used this phone for only a week. good and reliable phone but the phone looks like shit. very ugly design but you cannot complain because for the price you are paying.