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Siemens M35i

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  • MF Fundamentalist

Bought this in 2000 and still using it as of August 2020. Changed the battery several times and surprisingly the spare batteries are still available with much higher capacity than the original ones.

The green back light is starting to get dim making it difficult to see the display at night but everything still works.

Announcement today from my network provider that they are sending out a new SIM card due to an 'upgrade'. However, this 'upgrade' may finish off the 2G network and if that is the case, the use of this phone will come to an end sadly.

Accidentally dropped it many times but everything still works, a tough phone this one.

  • Anonymous

briangrunge, 01 Mar 2019this was my first phone. had a lot of memories with this ph... moreSure, you can buy it in 2001. Happy to help

  • briangrunge

this was my first phone. had a lot of memories with this phone. any of you know where I can buy one?

  • Mother

My mother found her first phone the

Siemens M35 which is missing here.

I cannot say much but it has a 700mAh Li-on battery

This was my very first cellular phone which I purchased with my very own money and a SIM card came with the phone as a complimentary gift. Sadly SIM cards are no longer bundled with phones instead they are sold separately. There's still a lot to like about this phone as it pioneered everything that made cell phones and smartphones what they are today. Read the article posted since morning right here on GSMArena to see all the things Siemens innovated. All in all this was a very tough phone which would bounce around on the ground when it fell to the ground...not to mention it was water-resistant, dust resistant and shock yes it was also a pioneer in what we see being called 'Active' smartphones these. It also had strong security features which could cause you to lock yourself out of your own phone. What is called 'Password' and 'Pin' these days on smartphones was called 'Phone code' back in Siemens days. Last but not least it probably has the best audio codec I ever experienced, if not the best, then surely one of the best. I can't forget the CD-like clarity whenever I was on a phone call. The recipients voice was like music to my ears. This is a phone I never forgot and never will.

This was my first phone that I bought with my own money. Then two years later a bad pickpocket took off from me, f**k.

  • AnonD-716026

WAY too overrated (at the time of it's release)

  • AnonD-716376

My first phone.. i used it from 2001 to 2002

The fact that people preferred this over the Nokia 3310 back in 2000/2001 is just...idk.

  • TheTeleporter1991

I am thinking of changeing my iPhone 6 to one of this "M35" phones and use my iPhone as a iPad bc now adays i have bank and stuff on the phone and that dont feel safe to carry around on :o

So i am when i am back home in Sweden going to change from iPhone 6 to a Simens m35 or a Sony Ericsson w200/cedar..

Well i am 180 cm age 24 name The Teleporter :)

  • heru

The phone that I could rely on with excellent durability. Wherever I go for hiking this phone gave his good strength.

  • AnonD-207702

osama, 24 Sep 2013i need battary and back cover for this mobile can i get in egyptHey, have you managed to get replacement back cover?

i also need rubber charger slot cover and external area rubber cover i want it to be as new again.

  • osama

i need battary and back cover for this mobile can i get in egypt

  • Jannegura

I bought my m35i in year 2000 and i´m still using it in this time of rapid techniqe change. Got a new battery last year and my telephone became as good as new.

  • eagle

I had this phone in 2001 was wonderful and non stop i wish to have a brand new phone like this again

  • Anonymous

Great quirky phone, i have fond memories of this phone

  • Anonymous

lala, 22 May 2012Hi,yes i have a working 'SIEMENS M35'mobile on virgin netwo... moreIt use a sim card holder (in red). Without the holder the sim card won't stick in.

  • Enric

It was my first phone. It was a great phone. Very strong and long life battery. It never stooped working properly.

  • lala

joel, 13 Jul 2009does any one of you here still have the phone in working co... moreHi,yes i have a working 'SIEMENS M35'mobile on virgin network,but i can't seem to fit the sim card in it [keeps falling back out again? but switches on and charges fine,interested please email me back Thanks.

  • Anonymous

My second phone I had it for a year or two back in 2001. Siemens in that time was my favorite mobile manufacturer. After him I had C45, than S45, and after him my favorite SL45 which I had longest. It was very cool cause it was one of the first mobiles that had mp3 player with support for MMC memory cards. I was very sorry to see that Siemens discontinued mobile phones production.