Siemens M55

Siemens M55

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  • 0Fd
  • 30 Oct 2015

I need a battery for my xelibri x8 can any one help

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    • farid
    • 6p6
    • 29 Jul 2015

    eka, 13 Jul 2015where i can get the battery? any one knows?can you come to IRAN?

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      • eka
      • Rn$
      • 13 Jul 2015

      where i can get the battery? any one knows?

        My second phone and loved it!!! German technology at it's best... wish I still had it!!!

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          • ratped
          • PS6
          • 13 Jan 2015

          still remember this phone that my late father bought for himself and me. we have our dinner in one of our favourite bar. he was drunk had a fight with his girlfren. then he put the phone in a full mug of beer. but that was my phone. hahahahahahhaha...bought new one after that.

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            • 418QcJayC
            • q$w
            • 16 Nov 2014

            One of my first phones and honestly even in 2014, I have to say it is still more reliable than the ones we have today... can't remember how many times I dropped it on concrete floor without any fancy protective fancy casing... still functional today! I called it my little Rambophone.

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              • tuanroma
              • YM7
              • 10 Jun 2014

              interesting design with a scorpion inspiredand led lights. I will never forget its whistle tone when sms came in. Now I am using the secondhand M55 that somehow get into Vietnam from Movistar

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                • YYN
                • 28 Jul 2013

                Hey guys just found one one the side 0of the road

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                  • AnonD-136686
                  • uEx
                  • 17 Apr 2013

                  back in 2004, i owned M55, the design look tough but the keypad was big NO.....overall, its dissapointed me

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                    • Carlo
                    • iJe
                    • 01 Mar 2013

                    My first phone ever. Still love it. We are now 9 years further and the fabulous lighting on the side and the stability of the phone are still unmatched. Now I see why older people always say: "back in the days, everything was better!".

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                      • manthos123
                      • 0Zu
                      • 21 Feb 2013

                      Anonymous, 24 Jan 2013It's my first telephone the best of my telephones i wished ... morei have one. it was my first phone, its completely functionally.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • rv{
                        • 24 Jan 2013

                        It's my first telephone the best of my telephones i wished to gain one again

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                          • AnonD-95575
                          • GTH
                          • 01 Jan 2013

                          Best phone eva, I will buy it if I see it again, does anyone know how can I get one in Thailand?

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                            • Bawor
                            • U}}
                            • 24 Dec 2012

                            Kanda, 21 Nov 2012Siemens M55 still on sale in IndonesiaOpen Phonelock ?

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                              • evas
                              • wMH
                              • 11 Dec 2012

                              Best phone I used in 2003, nice ringtones,internet,
                              Was my first phone, and if I find it, I will buy it again.

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                                • Kanda
                                • IVS
                                • 21 Nov 2012

                                Siemens M55 still on sale in Indonesia

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                                  • Anoosh
                                  • HIb
                                  • 26 Jun 2012

                                  i love it!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • mSs
                                    • 22 Jun 2012

                                    Got mine in 2003....use it all the time and still ok..never replaced it. Want to change the ringtones. Can u still get the polyphonic ringtones and from where, cannot download from computer. There used to be a siemens phone fan website where it was all free but can't remember its name ..does anyone??

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                                      • ss
                                      • K2I
                                      • 02 Jun 2012

                                      1st phone of my life.its an awesome phone.i used to browse with was really awesome.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • HB2
                                        • 18 Apr 2012

                                        I still have my M55! And a iPhone 4S, too. It's amazing how M55 was so well designed for that time. It implements useful features not seen in the 4S: SMS to groups, a missed alarms list, an advertizer of missed event in the blocked display, snooze for the alarms, T9 keyboard, versatility on setting the what antecedence is wanted in an alarm relative to the respective event, different rings for each group of contacts, ...... :)