Siemens M55

Siemens M55

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  • Stoyan

I like this M55!
Stand by 4 day's non stop ,when illumination is 10 % and maximum volume ( i play 8 hour's extreme games and Wappo )!!!
If you have my mind write me something !

  • Warchild

I like this phone a lot !!!! I know that it doesn't serv well for games, but you buy a mobile phone to talk, not to play ... if you want to play you buy a gameboy or a N-gage. Great phone !!!!!!!

  • quaxor

phone sux!!soft sucks badly,every command takes a long period of time to acknolege also games load for 5-10 minutes every time.......the colors suck,the camera sucks even harder so i recomand not to buy this phone unless it is under 50$ in my country....

  • Adeelyari

M55 is an above average handset..but its has some problems in hardware design like its upper keys are very conjusted....also some of its software features r also bad...and memory is very low to Load games take too much time...bettry time is average..nad sound is Low...but its a some kind of beautiful set.

  • dan

Not a very good phone.The standby is 48-96 hours not 250 hours.The conversation standby is 60 minutes, not 6 hours.These are the real dates about M55.

  • sam

oi did change alot of phones i found this one is the best even than nokia6620

  • Ricky

it's a verry gr8 phone for its class and price. i've been compared to the other phone at same class. the result is M55 is the best phone among the others.
the sounds are very good, GPRS works well, nice design, very teenagers. too bad it doesnt have infrared port, only usb cable.
Thanks, im from Indonesia

  • Mortuu{Romania}

its very nice i love the sound it makes pictures a lot better then MC60
M55 its the best phone I have and its light I can hardly feel it in my pocket

  • HaZ_Me

Andrei Romania can u tell me how can i expand it-s memory up to 3.75 megabytes

  • Zeeshan

very attractive phone.. the combination of orange over black is very very awesome... best phone for price and style...

  • Andrei Romania

This is gr8 phone. It-s very nice and if you are a smart boy/girl you cand make it a cool phone. For example you cand expand it-s memory up to 3.75 megabytes. You can listen even full melodies on it... and te quality of the sound is very nice;) I think the dimanic lights are very nice :)

  • Jorge

For the price, yes, itīs a reasonable phone, but the old ME 45, is to me the first (old but good.)

  • tofique khan

Hi everybody,
I had loss phonecode, when i put three time, the phone had locked phonecode. Give me the key or program to disactive it.I just can received calls sms and can dispatch the sms and mms but while i dial the number it says that call is bared i think it is due to phone locked can i get it ok. any body will help me please*

  • Fab1anch0

Does M55 support J2ME ?

  • sbgcrew

i already went to siemens service center to upgrade my software. but itn keeps doing the same thing. it sucks. i will never buy siemens ever again

  • Roni

just upgrade your mobile software available at siemens, or go to simens service center near you.

  • Wax

I also have the same problem. My f@#$n phone memory is also erased automatically. is there any remedy for recovering it?? any one please help.

  • sbgcrew

this phone is the biggest piece of sh..t i ever bought!!! its erased my phone book twice now and formatted itself once. i cannot believe siemens would even consider selling it with so many problems. and it also happened to a friend of mine so i guess its not just mine that has the problem

  • Florin

It's a veri customable phone. For more detail you can visit and see what you can do to this phone. There is also free stuf for the phone!

  • Lisette

if you have bad luck with phones, such as dropping it, then i suggest this phone. I dropped this phone on the phone on average once a week and superglued it to my backpack once, and it still SURVIVED!!!