Siemens M65

Siemens M65

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  • siemens master

this phone is good but it does not have Bluetooth and wath about the cif camera in is the worts mobile with the camera

  • Muhammed Yasir

Hi All,
Could anybody tell me the Expected Price of Siemens M65? Bcz i am badly waiting for this Phone.

  • manee

looks good but as far as siemens is concern cant make a phone with splendidi display. What abt the rubber alround. Dont tell me its a phone like N 5210

  • V-ger

Well, VGA, for it is only "M" Class.
I think I'll get a replacement for the M55 around August. Can't wait. Seems a very promising, but I still miss blue-tooth.

  • Risu

Why there's 3 of them...

  • Andy1112

in one site i see this mobile have mmc card slot

  • Siemens Fan

I can't wait 2 get my hands on this phone

  • Dr_T610

Personally i like this phone.

  • Usman

I personally love siemens mobile technology. and specially there features are the best as compared to fucking nokia phones. nokia is a big bull shit.. they daily introduce new model.. and just change the colour of body, buttons.. and the peoples are mad who purchased this fucking shit..

  • Mark LV

This is a fucking good phone, but why only a VGA camera? Shame, because it would be almost perfect otherwise.

  • Anonymous

it has 11mb of internal memory (flexmem).:)

  • Anonymous

I like the design, since I am fan of tough phones. Standby and talk times seems ok for it's class. However, a VGA camera plus video & Java needs some memory and they don't saying anything about it. IMHO 10+ MB of shared memory would be the absolut minimum for such tool. Seems very promising phone. Let's wait to see.