Siemens MC60

Siemens MC60

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  • Number8289

Still working after more than 5 years

  • Khan

My first camera phone. I wish Siemens starts making smartphones

  • AnonD-615299

i had this phone and still keep some pix token by it

  • Anonymous

best phone ever

  • yamin

I am so proud to use it, whatever they say...the most simply mobile phone i have

  • Eric

i have one,still alive,my x-gf gave it to me when on 2004, she's now married to someone,and that someone is ME. we still use the phone.

  • Martin

I buy a new phone when my MC60 breaks, I said some four years ago. Now I start to think it never will.

  • Brian

iggg, 28 Jan 2014oohh i have this phone in 2004. great phone i miss you Sie... moreI still have mine [mc60] still works fine -bought 2004, never had a battery change. I did retire it & had one of the latest `phones` , fantastic devices , lots of options ! -too many & mostly [over time] never used . So went back to my old mc60, so easy ,so uncomplicated [but very basic ]for just phone use , [as they mostly become] ideal !

  • iggg

oohh i have this phone in 2004. great phone i miss you Siemens MC60

  • AnonD-225355

It was so easy to use,and i had it for so long time, that i could use almos all the functions without looking at the screen.

  • dragos

How do I remove "PHONECODE Locked"?

  • Manolo

My first cell phone back in late 2005. I remember being happy that I was going to have a cell phone AND a camera in a single package. Soon that happiness got shorter since I had to send my photos as MMS to my email.
I gave it to a younger cousin in 2008, it was still working well.

  • Jim

I bought it in 2004 (April) and i still use it....
It's my only cell phone since 2004....
Great job from Siemens!!!!

  • umair sandhu

its my first cell phone in my 2004 my cazn gift me this mobile.:)very good memory's with it..but it was stolen..

  • bbly1991

hehe, my first phone with camera! really are nice, in 2003 he has the top of mobile phones, can say im love with it, so before i have a sharp gx15!

  • Mark

I am using this phone since 2005. A birthday gift from my sister. It works will until now...

  • Tian

this is my first mobile phone. I'm very love to use it. This mobile phone can save lot of message. In 2009, my mc60 can't be repaired. This mobile phone save a lot of memory for me.

  • mikey

BEST PHNE EVER.I have 4 phones and all of them are top of the line.high end lets say.but they are hme safe and i am using my best friend mc60.BEST PHONE EVER

  • Adriaan

when trying to make a SMS message, the letters don't function anymore. The buttons give a wrong letter so to speak. What to do now? Where to go to have it repared?

  • Luka

I had it in 2003, or 2004, it was my first mobile phone! :) i remember how exited i was because of the camera