Siemens MC60

Siemens MC60

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  • Frans

I'm looking for the replacement of my ME45 with nowadays technology without removing the existing technology such as IrDa :(. I also need flexible memory card reader available.
BTW, why Siemens still use 4096 colors when others already use 65k colors?? :(

  • Andy Barlianto

Well, I'm still waiting for the successor of ME45... Could it be ME55? Or ME60? The SX1 seems to be perfect, just add an outdoor capability to it, right? And name it MX1, maybe :)

  • dodo

good features, but please make a good style with a soft fashionable in adult level

  • heri hermawan

kalau bisa harganya jgn terlalu mahal and bisa terjangkau

  • Ingrid Gauci

It's very nice & compact & i"d like to know the price and from where can I buy it

  • wawan

i wish i got one mc60 free from siemens

  • frank

i like the design... i think it's wonderful... but some major features are lacking, so this phone is good only if it would come out with a pocket-friendly price...

  • Joko lelono

Hey..This is a good stuff, don't judge this phone before u look it by yourself.

  • panji

the cellular is very exotic but colour not like tv

  • Anonymous

The user who wrote the first post is right.

  • Anonymous

The user who wrote the first post is a damn fool !!!
Wait the fuk until u see the price and then judge !

  • Anonymous

only two directional keys. oh. like the older nokias (not that much older) and like most other siemens. it does catch your eye though

  • Anonymous

Hm.... Agree...
These phones look strange.. If only M55 has IR-Port...

  • 3 sux phones

This is the ugliest phone I have ever seen. Two directional kays (up & down) only, vary small screen for a camera phone, no IrDA port. looks really sux siemens is going down or what!!!!?
If I'm the owner of siemens I'll shut down the companey because of these 3 new silly products!!!!