Siemens S25

Siemens S25

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  • pa

shit bat performance! other wise gr8 fone!


it's enough to be used in indonesia
it's so so so so damn good
i love it, very usefull

  • Desmond

Outstanding!!This is one of the best phones ever. It has everything that you need...relatively small. And as somebody said before me - better than any Nokia RUBBISH!

  • QuickSilver

This is GODDAMN good phone. I just love it :)

  • Andrew Buditjahyono

great hp

  • Geoff k

this is the best Siemems phone ever, i bought the new S35i but sent it back- as it was nowhere near as good as this one, and didn't have the features, small light, has colour screen, does everything!! i've found one thing it doesn't do though- that's voice dial. Much, much better than any Nokia rubbish.

  • dhorie

The best phone in its league

  • imran

its very difficult to compose??????? in s25

  • Yeni Gendut

I love you siemens S25,ooohhhh..I love you,you love me, siemens s25???

  • Rob

Phone actually has 42 inbuilt ring tones
+ a ring tone composer.

It also has 4 games:
Wayout (3d maze)
Quatroppoli (connect 4)

  • phrozen_lad

The s25 is an EXCELLENT phone it has all of the features you will ever need !!!! also the screen is nice and colour !!!

  • ade

how to make a ring phone
and how to make new ring phone,
complete, please
thank a lot