Siemens S25

Siemens S25

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  • gerodim

Josefk, 26 Jun 2019This is the phone I have been most satisfied with, all time... moreMe too, kept it for a couple of years. Way too good for the time.

  • Josefk

This is the phone I have been most satisfied with, all time, including my recent smart phone!

  • rhs

this one has internet browser

My very first GSM phone, seems a very, very long time ago !!!

  • Anonymous

Nokia was so popular back then, but my S25 still stand out among the Nokias coz of its colour screen.

  • Anonymous

Its the 1st colored phone, simply the best

  • AnonD-24757

Nice phone, it works like new, and it have 15 years! Better than the new smartphones. Long-life battery, strong phone, fine menu, easy to use. I recommend it! ;)

  • AnonD-254326

In indonesia store, charger still available..

  • Anonymous

My First Phone

  • AnonD-170784

i had these rare phone up 'till now, but the only problem is, i lost it charger. try to find in indonesian store, have not find 'em yet.
so, if i can not use it, simply i'll just go sell it

  • Anonymous

I have two questions?
1-How can I instal another language on this phone?
2-Can I instal radio on this phone?

  • lion

Alte, 27 Apr 2012my first phone.. bought it year 2000. powerful until the ... moremy firts phone too

  • Alte

my first phone.. bought it year 2000.
powerful until the phone gone after 3 years usage. stolen by thief...

  • Arfie

Haha!! It's my first phone. I remember the labyrinth game

  • Efyor

I had this phone! It was my second phone after the Motorola M3788 and I'll never forget it. You could make your own ringtones and I made one of the Zelda tunes on it. Did not last long with me. One day I woke up and it wouldn't start up. I died a little inside that morning.

I still have it in my electronics drawer.

  • AnonD-9017

My God! I really miss this phone!
Bought it in 1999 and used till 2007. Great sound, really easy to use, robust, great reception beating the crap out of everything else on the market at that time and it rung so loud!
Great features.
And the battery? When I thought it was about to die it came back to life and lasted as new after 8 years!
It was a shame that after a long 8 years run I broke the battery contacts and could never more make it work.
Still have it though

  • Dewo

I had this phone in 99, this phone is actually good.. but because before this phone Ii had a chance to use the S10 which is really a brilliant phone, so I consider this phone just OK, nothing special about it

  • kakas

Loved that phone..Was my third device after Phillips Savvy and Motorola StarTAc..It was stolen from me:(

  • Lychei Knox

Simply The Best!

  • Siemens User

Had mine for long years and it's still in use by my mom.
Battery still works after all this time, and everything else, too, can you imagine that?
Reception wise it's probably been the best phone I ever had. However, you could store only 10 SMS message, both incoming and outgoing combined.