Siemens S25

Siemens S25

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  • Rayac

I still use this mobile phone. Great thing.

  • Anonymous

I've one (my dad's), but battery is dead, charger is no longer functional, but I believe it'll work someday...

  • Nikki

The best phone I've ever had!! And I still have it and use it, because this one is forever! While other phones work some time and then break, Siemens S25 keeps on going.

  • ZeroQ8

This phone has a recorder for 20 seconds and it was funny because at the time no phone had recording
I use it for pranking people

  • Migs

This phone was awesome. It has the best game ever, it was with labyrinths. Does anyone know which it is? thanks in advance.

  • BedShaker

This is one of the Best phones I've ever had. It has all the features I'd expect from a mobile during its time. Not to mention that it had a COLOR lcd even before other phone manufacturers applied it. I still have the phone to this day. Though the unit works perfectly fine, the battery is dead. It's a keeper.

  • zman

i used this phone back in 2001. I personally think this phone is ahead of it's time. I used it as a modem, via infrared port to connect to internet from lap top, back in 2001. There were not many phone at it's price range can do that back them. I'll surely buy it if it's still sold, because I missed its menu.

  • q_dhoet

eumir, 16 Feb 2006S-urely I E-njoy M-omen... morewow..that's cool

  • Q_dhoet

O my god... it was the love of my life.. My 3rd mobile actually,after Motorolla 82 and Ericsson A628.But this is the first phone of my choice and the first i had fresh from the dealer! The prev 2 was succeeded from my father.It was soooooooo cool at its time, with 3 color screen (in monochrome erA!!), white backlight display, faboulous design, Intelligent softkey (or so they called back then).. This phone had everything!! I remember i always tried to show it everywhere, always carry it inmy hand and seldom put in my pocket. :)). This phone marked my initial affair with siemens phone. from S25 i went to S35, ME45 and S65. The last really put me in deep dissapointment and I never get intouch with any siemens anymore.. However, I'd buy this S25 if i saw one for sale, just for the sake of good ol time..

  • kostas greece

it was also my first (and second:)) phone.maybe the best of its time. really loved it, full featured, color screen at 1999. happy to see it again on the net.

  • Tadas

It was my first mobile . An IMORTAL ONE - 5 or 6 time droped on concrete , asfalt from hands and once from 2nd floor - falls into pieces but connected then -
ITS ALIVE !!! again ;) fully charges in few minutes and works min 3-4 days.

  • ali

My second phone. I liked it for its small size. One of the first to have a color display. Didn't like the antenna sticking out.

  • BedShaker

This was my 3rd Mobile Phone. I believe it belongs to the 1st Generation with colored displays.. One of the most feature-packed during its time. I still have it to this day and still working.. The battery life now has 2 hours stand-by..

  • Srinath

a really good phone.
suited my campus rough and tough life.
would play catch-catch with this phone.
would like an enhanced version of this phone in the future.
dropped it umpteen times.
my first phone and a good beginning....

  • optimists

it was the 1st phone i've ever had, but the best one!!! it even had 'bout 8 colours :)

  • Installster

This is my 2nd phone, but 1st fully-featured phone i ever have. And then i changed to S35i, and finally into S45i. My S45i is still working even 3 times fall down from 1,5 meters high. What a great product...

  • Tehnician

Great phone for its time. Keys are somewhat stiff, but I cant say anything bad about that phone.

  • Tom

This is my first phone in my life :)
Loool :D

  • Anonymous

Sir, this is not a complaint or compliment, but yes i just want to say this is a very hot set, i have this set for 7 years, but i got a problem my siemens s25 handset got dead. please help and suggest, what should i do. thanks

  • Aasim

This is the first Cell phone I ever had - Back in 2000 - it was one of the rare set available in color display - I still remember those days - my ex-colleague bought Nokia 6210 and I got this one as a gift from my friend in Kuwait - it was slightly used - but what a brilliant phone it was - fell down countless times - but nothing went wrong with it - after a lots of struggle I figured out that how to compose ringtone on it - UI was very user friendly - I'll still rate 9.9/10 of legacy phones of its era.