Siemens S65

Siemens S65

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  • Ray

All phones only mean nothing but this Siemens S65.I wish i could have it Earlier than others.

  • Faizan

I like this phone and its features so may
I know the price please

  • Demirhan

everything is ok but what about the price ?

  • Devil

can it play mp3s?

  • siripornl

When S65 will come to Thailand?

  • unknown

i'm going to buy this mobile phone there is no doubt about it. i hope the next siemens phone will be available with EDGE feature to increase GPRS data rates up to 118kbps. EDGE feature is already available in both nokia 6220 and 6230. wake up siemens engineers! it time to work to catch up! nice work with s65 but not yet enough...

  • unknown

you don't want an idiotically small screen and a big keypad either like the nokia's 6 series! this s65 is designed for business people not for hip hop (you people who needs radio and mp3) and idiots (nokia users), this is a serious phone for serious business people. aren't people you ashame of yourselves writing down comments regarding radio and mp3 players? why don't you buy walkman or a discman instead???

  • Tim

It has a camera, video camera, 65k display, up to 128k memory and just about every other feature you could handle and you yuppies are complaining about the absence of a Radio!!! Even if it did have a radio with all the other features the battery life would drop dramatically and the sound quality would be shit. Wait a few years when we start to see bio-technology appear then ask for a radio.

  • boi

too bad it only 65k colour.

  • thanhtinh

How much is it? Cheap or not?

  • X

fariskhider, the S65 takes an MMC card up to 256 Mb, which is a lot more then the 32 Mb in the Sony Ericsson!!!

  • x

If you want an mp3 player, buy a SX1!!!!

  • J

needs mp3 playa on it!!

  • ant


  • fariskhider

good and nice device. But the memory in the recent mobiohinres is very important thus we see always sonyericsson will supply the market with s700 with memory 32mb. thanks

  • Evan

Look cool! Anyone know when is it release in Malaysia?? Price??

  • iliqn4eto

i like this GSM,but i have no money to buy it!please help me!i'm looking for a sponser

  • nouman

Mr thingy,you cannot say WHO CARES,ok,this is for a start.
cause evry one who is looking for a good fone cares,and cares with a very tiny deatail even if the cling film of the screen is removed by accident,to have a radio and mp3 in this fone is a must for siemens to compete with the disappointing 6230 made by nokia and who has every thing,even thought i prefer siemens for its durability and never ever was disapointed with any fone i bought.

  • thingy

who cares about radio and mp3? as long as it has extendable memory and a 1.3mp camera, and actually has decent battery life, WHO CARES?

  • donutdude

dudes, im sure that this phone even though doesn't come with fm radio, or mp3 player. Most likly someone will implement a program to play mp3s, im sure of this, cause siemens is a phone brand for gaget freaks and computer nerds.