Siemens S75 review: Serious competitor

David Polesný, 05 February 2006.

Enough memory

Siemens S75 has enough memory space thanks to RS-MMC slot and 27 MB of internal memory. Along with the phone you will also receive a 128 MB memory card.

Multimedia files are displayed in Media Player. Picture previews are displayed in groups of three - both in landscape and full-screen mode. The same applies for video records. An example video is installed in the phone.

Video records can be played both in portrait and full-screen mode

The directory structure can be opened with the a special browser, accessible from "My files" in the main menu. Once again, the designers have decided to use tabs - one for the internal memory, another one for the memory card.

Tabs in Siemens S75... • ...and in the memory card

Photo and video

Keep in mind that available memory space will be partly occupied by your pictures. Siemens S75 is equipped with a built-in megapixel camera, with maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. Lower resolution levels are available as well. The camera offers exposure compensation, a color mode, a night mode, a self-release option, white balance, and a digital zoom managed through the vertical ways of the control button.

Camera's interface • video camera interface • camera setup options

In the dark you may want to use the flash LED, which features a red-eye reduction system. The LED can be activated apart form the camera. In such case it serves as a flashlight.

Siemens S75 shoots quite good pictures. Noise levels usually rise under clouded sky and poor light conditions. The macro mode of the phone is rather low quality.

Sample photos:

Siemens S75 Siemens S75 Siemens S75 Siemens S75
Testing pattern and indoor pictures

Siemens S75 Siemens S75 Siemens S75
Siemens S75 Siemens S75 Siemens S75
On a winter walk...

Siemens S75 Siemens S75 Siemens S75 
Siemens S75 does not capture text very well

The camera interface is composed of two sections - one for the camera control options and one for the video camera application. Videos are recorded in 3GP format in a resolution of 176 x 144 pixels and thus can be used in MMS at the most. Videos' duration is limited to one and a half minute.


Let's now turn our attention from fun back to practical matters. Apart from voice communication, Siemens S75 offers a wide range of message exchange options. SMS, large EMS messages and MMS are supported, of course. Emails too.

Message menu

The SMS editor has undergone no modifications, if compared to previous models. You can choose out of three font sizes, the smallest of which allows you to display 12 lines full of text. Countdown details about both used characters and used messages are displayed in the top. You may also want to assist the writing process by using T9 dictionary.

Writing a SMS • three font sizes available

Unlike the SMS editor, the MMS one does feature certain changes. For example, it no more displays a layout of individual elements of the message. Instead, it gives you blank space, which you fill in with content via the context menu. The MMS editor is easy to get used to and you should have no fears to use it.

Creating a MMS

The email client is a fixed part of the menu. Sent email messages are smartly separated from the text and the multimedia ones. You can download either entire emails or headers only. If you select the first option, you will surely appreciate the option of setting a particular limit of each downloaded email. It is possible to save a copy of each message in the mail server as well as delete messages straight away, once they have been transferred into the phone. Besides, you can choose, whether emails deleted from the phone should also be removed from the server, or a copy of theirs should be kept on it. Each email sent from Siemens S75 can be with an automatic signature.

Sent emails • viewing emails - Siemens works well with HTML format • email setup options

Siemens S75 is able to both send and receive emails with attachments.

Reader comments

  • h.kie

to siemens fans, try motorola ve538, siemens os dressed by motorola manufacture by benq siemens, we can use theme for siemens sxg75, benqsiemens E71,EF91 etc and it works, ihave try it, i have siemens m75 i buy motorola ve538 because siemens os and 3...

  • Stupid

I'm using a first generation s75 with FW 47 but it still hang alot and a bit slow... However, I like the OS. It's a lot useful compare to the latest Sybian OS.. Music playback with headset rocks... Will Siemens make a comeback in 2010?

  • avijit paul

what ever may be Siemens is a very good example of engineering. But due to bad fate and bad timing it was not market as expected.Siemens offer first mp3 player with mobile phone when no one can imagin that.Some one feel it's hard to operate but it's ...