Siemens SK65

Siemens SK65

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  • 24 Oct 2022

begt, 03 Oct 2009The best style everYes yes

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    • AnonD-219757
    • m2m
    • 30 Dec 2013

    I had the phone for 8 years now. All features I used worked well. But time has moved on - my yahoo email account requires now SSL encryption, but the email setup of the SK65 does not allow to set this up.

    Some other comments report of sudden hangup or software crash. This had happened for me as well when I had it new. It was caused at the connectors of the battery - the thickness of the battery can vary - thinner versions of the battery may cause a disconnect. I fixed this by putting three layers of masking tape on the back of the battery - this way the battery sits snug in the case and does not move.

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      • tyo
      • YT$
      • 27 Jul 2013

      I'm one of Siemens loyal customer in Indonesia @2005, but this type (SK65) I never have it. If there's the new one, you may contact me at may I will buy it

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        • el_jorges?mexico
        • P9s
        • 24 Nov 2010

        this movil change my life cause, after this cellphone i cant "work" without a keyboard qwerty.. i love sk65 & miss u so much MTF

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          • amber
          • P$W
          • 20 Sep 2010

          how do i access face book on my seimens phone it wont highlight and load the facebook link that is in a text message.

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            • REC*303
            • PBR
            • 27 Mar 2010

            SK65 4 life, 18 Nov 2008I have this phone and when someone rings me its fine, but i... morecheck your call screening setting

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              • Anonymous
              • PBR
              • 27 Mar 2010

              pratheesh, 16 Sep 2009one of the worst mobile Suck yourself

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                • Norman
                • SnL
                • 19 Mar 2010

                Most amazing phone ever! So well built that seems better even over some rugged phones!

                I had mine for nearly 5 years and a month ago I dropped it from the balcony of my apartment (4th floor) into the heavy snow below. The snow cover was over 3 feet thick and the outside temperature was freezing 5F so I gave up on finding the poor SK65. But yesterday the snow finally melted and I FOUND my phone - covered with ice and mud, but after an hour of cleaning and letting it dry and then re-charging the battery it worked as if nothing happened at all!!!

                So sad Siemens gave up on producing mobile phones :( Sure - they had a lot of odd and simply faulty models, but there had been also a LOT of well designed and sturdy built ones like the SK65!

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                  • Anonymous
                  • u4j
                  • 06 Feb 2010

                  Very good phone. It has many features that I need mostly.The organizer function is great,the phone and address book has huge capacity suitable for business purpose.Actually I don't use this phone anymore it was completely destroyed on motorcycle accident. If only siemens decided to make mobile phone again I will buy this amazing mobile phone but I hope they will add some features for fun like mp3 player and camera of course.(the qwerty keyboard is very comfortable for writing far i have never see such design adopted by other brands)

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                    • vladan
                    • SHU
                    • 23 Jan 2010

                    still have one, for 3years now, works like charm:)))
                    best phone ever

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                      • mesopotamian
                      • BCn
                      • 19 Nov 2009

                      I have had my phone for almost 5 years now. I must say that while all my friends have changed phones like they change their underwear, the SK65 has out lasted them all. Its battery life is still excellent, its very durable and its the best mobile phone for texting. In summary: a very durable, reliable and exteremely user friendly phone with excellent USEFUL features of the like which i have not seen in other mobile phones..

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                        • begt
                        • upv
                        • 03 Oct 2009

                        The best style ever

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                          • pratheesh
                          • vG0
                          • 16 Sep 2009

                          one of the worst mobile

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                            • Anonymous
                            • t@F
                            • 26 Feb 2009

                            cell-master, 03 Feb 2009Super-B phone. Best for use in business perposes.i have sk65 since 2005 and i have only one problem that's casing wat can i do?

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                              • Staj
                              • N7$
                              • 05 Feb 2009

                              I have had this phone since it came out and hav had many phones incl. SE w900, W960 and Fujitsu Siemens T830 but nothing comes close to the SK65. Solid, reliable and fun keyboard.These others freeze and break, thats when take out my SK65 without caring for camera, MP3s and fancy ringtones. Also very Rare. COME BACK SIEMENS

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                                • cell-master
                                • Pxx
                                • 03 Feb 2009

                                Super-B phone. Best for use in business perposes.

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                                  • emrat
                                  • P$y
                                  • 09 Jan 2009

                                  i have been using this SK65 since giving me good service till the end of 2007. i found some uncertain problem after i started using internet with this.though i already stopped using internet since i face the problem got automatically switched-off and some time got hanged.

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                                    • XNINJAXXXXX!!!XX
                                    • jFW
                                    • 25 Nov 2008

                                    makes a great weapon for penetrating

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                                      • SK65 4 life
                                      • Px$
                                      • 18 Nov 2008

                                      I have this phone and when someone rings me its fine, but if the number is"ID With held" it doesnt play the ring tone, I NEED HELP URGENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                        • Nazmul Alam Chowdhur
                                        • u4g
                                        • 02 Nov 2008

                                        I have this phone for last long 3 years & I am using with very good setisfiction. Suddenly I found a problam & for this I have to compansate huge amount. In the note section I always note down my very confidential note with using password. One day I saw ther was no notes are available on the phone. All erased. And which I dont had any copy or backup. For missing all my confidential note still I m facing problem. What is the reason for this cause. Can I get back my missing note any-how?
                                        I will be happy if I get any solution regarding the problem to my undermention mail address.