Siemens SK65

Siemens SK65

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  • Mrs B Marinus
  • wgY
  • 29 Sep 2008

bluechip, 23 Sep 2008I have been usin this fone for little over a year now. D'on... morehello i have been using this phone for a year and i have noticed hatt that black berry batery is no good i berly talk for half an hour and the battery gets flat and i have to charge it all the time ....... what is the problem with this phone i don get it ...

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    • bluechip
    • fuL
    • 23 Sep 2008

    I have been usin this fone for little over a year now. D'ont have a problem with its lack of a camera, but recently it trips off, even in the middle of a call. Very annoying. Please has anyone else noticed this, and is there an upgrade for the software?

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      • Anonymous
      • Rxd
      • 21 Sep 2008

      i LOVE the keyboard!
      i've never been good with smsing so they
      keyboard has made it much much easier for me!
      it's pretty big but its a really good phone.


        • c
        • cess
        • vxm
        • 21 Aug 2008

        can u please post a picture of it's battery?

          • K
          • Kristobal
          • Re2
          • 01 Aug 2008

          I was told this phone has 64mb memory and 30mb for the user, is this true ? Does this machine come with a camera to attach or other wise ?

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            • Motiur
            • M@T
            • 23 Jun 2008

            Any1 wan2 open ftp client, built in synchronization & 100% mp3 like wave song in his sk65??? Then tell me how2 open built in e-mail option in this set? I need 2 know the e-mail settings 4siemens handset. Like m65, 75, or others. Almost every siemens settings r same. So any1 knows any of siemens e-mail settings plz mail me at
            I dont need any soft like fluryy,movamail. I wanna exchange my knowledge with e-mail settings! R U interested? Any1 can mail me2know almost everything abt this set.

              • K
              • KennyBoy
              • wYK
              • 21 Jun 2008

              How can I use the internet on this phone?
              Please answer ASAP!thx

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                • HELPPPP
                • PQ5
                • 04 Jun 2008

                This is a brilliant phone. It synchronises with Microsoft Outlook perfectly.
                Unfortunately, I have just started with a company that used Lotus notes (version 7).
                Does anyone know if it will sync or if there is a downloadable software patch that will allow it to?

                  • Z
                  • Zai
                  • vQ1
                  • 13 May 2008

                  this cell is jst amazing..its got all i need...nd very very times i feel lack of camera..but then i always do hav ma it works great fr me..

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • PQJ
                    • 06 May 2008

                    I had this phone for now more than an year. For me its just a great phone. Few people say this phone is very bulky.may be true in their own dimension. But for me its just perfect, bare in mind I am a tall bloke with wide long hands.It doesnt have a camera at all. Battery charges very fast and it will last for 2 days atleast(depends on how frequent u use it).For sending messages the design is very kool.

                      • d
                      • dusk
                      • ncE
                      • 20 Apr 2008

                      no this phone not have camera:)

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                        • Anonymous
                        • SkE
                        • 27 Mar 2008

                        Who said it has a camera???? this phone is for pros. and without camera. Siemens is great company but they closed siemens mobile section after selling it to BENQ and now BENQ-Siemens is also closed, I always use siemens mobiles but now, what shall i do? i still have the sk65 since almost 2 years and it is as new.

                          • z
                          • z
                          • k76
                          • 19 Mar 2008

                          u guys where is the camera on this thing im dieing to know can someone post the answer

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                            • sp
                            • q{5
                            • 16 Mar 2008

                            what? there is no camera on this phone...

                              • 4
                              • 4LIFE
                              • qKj
                              • 13 Mar 2008

                              this this phone have a camera cause some people are saying it does

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                                • vic
                                • 4uk
                                • 12 Mar 2008

                                whoa this is the coolest phone i have ever seen bring it out for at&t

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                                  • vj Arif$
                                  • vQ1
                                  • 06 Mar 2008

                                  plesssssss tell meeeee.blackberry built soft 64mbwere found

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                                    • STANZO (RSA)
                                    • ftb
                                    • 28 Feb 2008

                                    I've had theis phone for more than 2 year and recently upgraded to Pocket Loox T830 and weekends use the Sony Ericsson W900. The best I've ever had is the SK65 by far. I wish it would be around for ever. Excellent battery, robust and reliable. Only gripe is the memory (8mb is spiteful).

                                      • A
                                      • Ahmet
                                      • pij
                                      • 26 Feb 2008

                                      I am sure it is very nice phone. Very interesting and comfortable design. It must be carismatic device. Siemens is a great company.

                                        • k
                                        • krishna
                                        • v$A
                                        • 19 Feb 2008

                                        its wery wonder full