Siemens SK65

Siemens SK65

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  • Hanniel

i ve used it it is quite a cool phone it is a phone to use

  • Gorjan

I don't get the idea of making a high-end phone with no camera. This is a really big miss, and missunderstanding of the market.


hi realy i have 3 mobile butt i like only siemens sk65 realy its verry verry good mobile

  • Scott Daily

I'm really thinking about this model.

  • benjy

i work for o2 in england on the sales team. we dont store this phone but feel we really should promote this handset big-time, what a fantastic idea, well done

  • outcastedvirus (aim)

Hey guys I was wonderin do u think theyre gonna make another version of this phone wth camera and mp3? And what about the size? IS it too big..(i have an ngage, so i dont think thats much of a problem lol) anyway, please sne d areply cuz if they are makin another one and anyone knows abuot it im definitely waitin for that thanks!

  • Codrut

It's a great phone,I want to buy it but in the review I saw it has a 100 missed call records!!! It's a mistake or it's true?

  • Leonard

I like the fact this phone does not come with a camera! Many places I visit during work do not allow cameras at all(security concerns)! I believe this phone is designed and targeted at working professionals. Nice phone. ; )

  • Roni

to xytras: complaing about camera? get a proper digital camera. its main function is to call and receive calls not taking photos.

  • Mark Ferdinand

Oh BTW, I need a mini-SD card in the upcoming SK70 or SK75 models, with max capacity of 512MB to 1GB.
And also, I need thickness of those phones in around 18 to 14mm. And support for MP3 and AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). Yes, I listen to classical songs...
WiFi support might also be needed since this phone's functional design looks toward to PDA phones anyway.

  • Mark Ferdinand

This SIEMENS SK65 is the one that I look so long. The size is OK, only the 20mm thickness is a bit too thick (I still use the old Ericsson R320sc with 12mm of thickness MgAl - magnesium alloy - chassis). No camera is fine by me, since the present technology only reaches 1.3Mpixels. If phonecam technology already reach 3Mpixels and this phone still don't have one then I should start complain about it :-)

  • Anonymous

Siemens have designed mobile phones to be as simple to use as possible and have come up with a good looking handset.

SIEMENS Global network of innovation.

  • xytras

good design..but no cam...FUCK SHIT UP!!!

  • Kenny

This phone looks so drop-dead stylish. Its bad point is that it has no camera and its quite long. But aside from the fact, its a beautiful phone with blackberry in-built which is really great.

  • INI

i think this phone would have been fantastic if it had a camera and mp3 abilities

  • Vlad

I've tried this phone. Ppl, this is one of the best. After using SK65's keyboard, I know: Joysticks-SUCKS. It's ergonomic, weight is perfect - not a plastic toy and not a stone. Sound and display - very good. Memeory - enough for this phone. Camera really would suit this phone, but Siemens often do ALMOST perfect phones. It's a pity. All other in it is what a nnow is needed. It's worth having.

  • Sam

Hey guys i am thinking of buying this phone is it worth it ?? also can anyone recommend me any good phone with mp3 player or something , i heard there are some phones with mp3 ringtones thts diff , i wanted it to be a player

  • muntah

this ain't a smartphone guyz..look!!! it's only have a blackberry feature embedded.that's all. and for's not immportant at all.plis dehh..

but still, it's a good idea on the qwerty keyboard and the screen. better than other siemens. unfortunately, no camera, no mp3 capability.

  • UnMoed

nice phone by the looks of, need to know, would it really be better with a camera? currently lookin for a new fone, and this looks like text-messaging heaven for me (being a student and all)...any bad things i should know about it?

  • Anonymous

I think because the phone do not support MP3 and no cameras hence there is really no need to include external memory incurring additional cost