Siemens SL45

Siemens SL45

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  • Daniel

Software do not properly work under Wind ME (Not possible to write a todo,reminder ...etc) With Wind prof 2000 the replication hang after 2 or 3 time (The only way to restart, deleted your contact list !!!)Due to the BUGGY SOFTWARE I NOT RECOMANDED THIS PHONE.

  • Dalyono

information data cable

  • Bill Wiriawan

It's funny that people in Hongkong and China area has problems with pronunciation, they name it Siemens 6688, instead of SL 45, simply just because they can't pronounce "L" properly. another thing is 6 and 8 are lucky numbers in their believe. However, I believe it's a good phone with new features. A Revolution in mobile phones.

  • ehab adel

hi, how r u ? what is the price( siemens sl45)?

  • ehab adel

hi, how r u ? what is the price?


What an amazing phone that Siemens made

  • Janne

The quality is outstanding... The format is MP3. The transfer (pc-mmc) is very slow, though :(

  • George Trikoupis

I believe that this mobile is one of the best of its kind.

  • kenneth

How great is the quality of the mp3 in the SL45? Is the mp3 in the SL45 in mp3 format or in wave format?

  • Janne

Absolutely outstanding! The menus are quick, the sound quality of the MP3:s is great, lots of hi-end features including a *.BMP-operator logo =) Best phone ever!

  • Marcus

I think Siemens SL45 is best mobilephone after seeking many of the mobilephone.I love it very much,cuzz the it have all the features i want,namely to listen mp3,vibration alert,voice dail and many more..I have to know the price,can anyone tell me??

  • Fabio

i've bought an sl45 and it's unreliable because sometimes the software becomes instable and strange things happends like: reset, wrong menus ecc.

  • M Meeuwissen

Outstanding phone, i got rid of my Nokia 7110 and my portable MP3 player, and i'm getting this phone by next week. Why would you want to carry around 2 devices, if you can fit both in a device that is smaller than any of the other 2?

  • Okuyaz


  • Bart-Jan

I just got the phone and WHOOOOOOOOOO that phone RULLEZZZZZZZ.
The things you can do with it is just unreal. First I hade the Nokia 7110 and tought it whas the best phone ever but now it is changed. Realy if you have the money just go to the store and BUY it because it RULEZZZZZZZZZZZ :))))

  • marty

pls. email me how to buy siemens mobile phone sl45 i mean where to buy and how much is the price .

  • jasper

I have it, i have had 25 mobile phones but this is the best until now, really great

  • Shahid Aziz

It looks sleek and has very good features. Will definitely be my next phone.

  • Erik Molenaar

I just got the Siemens SL45 being the first person here in Holland owning it. (As I did for the S35i before ;-) I must say the phone is very cool, but the MMC is slow and it got A LOT of features. (Too much for a average user, but superb for the enthousiast!)

  • HillaryC

2 of de best on the market...
Nokia8250 advantage - no ugly antenna
Siemens advantage - MP3

How shall I decide?