Siemens SL55

Siemens SL55

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  • ..

Does this phone have an intergrated camera or an attachable one? Really neat design though. :-D

  • Anonymous

i think its really nice and beautiful,
i like its small size

  • Peebz

Nice phone overall, needs a bit more memory though, MAJOR slowdown when recording large dictaphone messages

  • claire-louise

ps; serkan, it does have a camera, u have to buy it seperately though.

  • Claire-Louise

i have this fone and i dropped it a few days ago (down two floors!) and it still works perfectly! i have seen it priced at 329 retail (pay as you go) but i still think its worth it,my best fone ever. i got mine on contract but i cudnt imagine going anywhere without out!!! (god, u can tell im female!!!!)

  • Anonymous

my work collegue has this & its ugly

  • serkan

ı think this phone is is very small and useful. but, there is a problem that it hasn't any camera.

  • Eva

Can any1 give me an estimate price in the UK or from any site that delivers to the UK?

  • haris

This the best mobie phone i ever had....

  • Armani

The siemens sl56 or sl55 may look very nice... but after a few months my phone had a lot of errors. First the phone started to shut off by its self but that got taken care of. Then a few days later the keypad arrows go bad. So it became really difficult to click the left arrow key. Now my left side keypad doesnt even work anymore. If you do a lot of SMS then i would recommend not using this.

  • Simon A. Baskerville

Fantastic phone!

I used to have the SL10 and that phone was amazing, it was a lot more futuristic than the SL55. I do think Siemens are lacking in colour screen technology at the moment, especially since they were one of the first/if not the first company to incorporate a colour screen into a phone? With only 4096 colours it does lack in this department, and the lack of a camera built in is a downler. However with all this said, its still an amazing phone, a friend of mine's got one, and I am hoping to have one very soon! The size of the phone is unbelieveable, and the features are great, a shame bluetooth isnt included though.

In my experiance, Siemens have proven to last longet than any other phone manufacturer, and the amount of times Ive dropped my SL10 & MT50, and they have not ever given me any problems. I would most definatley recomment this phone to anyone, its just a shame Siemens didnt wait a while longet to release it, they could have included so much more.


  • Anonymous

it is the most pleasentable mobile ever that i ever saw and it will fuck all the nokia mobile but i dont know why i am crying that stupied nokia crap its yuk

  • Anonymous

Now in a new color - in black!

  • claire

i have this and have so for about a year now and i absolutley love it! its never had faults, slide is perfect and once you learn to use it properly, performance is high and perfect! love it - its my baby!!! x

  • Anonymous

i dont no if i should get it !!!!!!!!!! is it gd or crap

  • eric

pls i have problem with my sl55 is showing phone blocked please turn off.please assist me on her to go about it.

  • scott

i think this phone has a great unique design but i have spoken with people and agree myself that if there was an inbuilt camera maybe at the back or the slide feature that it would be more popular in the market. also the size of the ariel should be bigger as to provide better reception, i know the ariel is based on the size of the phone but it would inprove the customer satifaction if this was achieved.

  • Love

Dropped it again 2day, but its still working!!!!!

  • Anonymous

my friend said the buttons fall off so good luck if u get it

  • Mubeen

wow ... i wish i cud buy this set ... but too expensive .... a friend has it and its wonderful !! superb set ... and really deserves to be bought !! any1 willing to gift this set to me .. mail me :)