Siemens ST55

Siemens ST55

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  • Jordan

I bought the phone two months ago. The phone burst twice. It switchd off and suspend. The PC software doesn't allow to make a copy of phonebook, diary plaer and messages. Siemens servis always removes all data from my handset.


Well, i have the MC60, and iīm thinking change my MC60 for this model, is so beautifull!!!!Between this and Sharp GX10, what do you prefer?I heard that the IRDA donīt work with the PC, so IRDA is no usefull on Sharp, so Siemens has better software, better screen and camera.For those who search for a mobile that has a godd screen, good camera , itīs a excelent mobile, who needs Java anyway????The only flaw is no bluetooth or even IRDA!!!My next phone!

  • jakov zg

the mobile is bullshit.PLEASE DON'T BUY IT

  • lovely

LOTS OF PROBLEMS? Because this phone is not originally made by Siemens, Germany but was subcontracted to a Taiwanese company. Yukk.. what a shame! I'm still using the great SL45. Waiting for 2004's best from Siemens.

  • Goran

DO NOT BYE THIS MOBILE.I bought this phone and i have troble with the software,it's a buggy software,also you cant download ringtones and pictures,no IR no Bluetooth.
P.S: i hade two mobile Simens ST55 and two of them hade software problem, and i hade them for like 6 days.Wrighting messages is impossible it is very slow.So do not by this mobile.

  • Ma'en

it's a great mobile but i wish that siemens introduce the data cable to use this mobile the way we wish because we don't have either mms or e-mail on mobile in syria so we're waiting for the soluoltion siemens

  • mtrix

how can i download games and ringtones,pictures my phone?

  • Zilvixx

yesterday I bought this phone,and I cant download pictures or sounds from internet!pleaze HELP!=]

  • gismo

forget this f.... phone! i had to repair it 2 times, and this is not the end. buggy software and no IR no Bluetooth no PC-Software....

  • elvie

i have tried to composer some ringtones, but i got problem to read the tone, how to type A2, B2, H2, P and so on. can you help me??????

  • Anonymous

Good mobile, good LCD and Tones. Its subtitute will be siemsns's CX65,

  • rami

i want to know, which is better M55 or ST55 or sony-ericsson T230? reply plzzzz ....

  • Loretha Szikra

When will the next water shock and dust resistand handset be available. Siemens

  • chynawhite

my dad just bought the phone yesterday and i was playing with it this morning. well the pace of the joystick is pretty reasonable, not too fast and not too slow. hahahha i do have a little problems with the SMS system but well i think i will just used to it soon. oh yeah i think most people are thinking about the quality of the camera, well i think it is really bad. the pictures came out rather blur, without digital zoom. i think the only decent picture taken was my self-portrait where the phone is only like 50cm away from my face. hahaha but well overall is a pretty good phone for the price. oh did i mention about the superb ringer volume. it is very loud perfect for people who are slightly deaf like me but well it is not my phone so. by the way i think guys will look nicer with the phone than girls. okay okay one last thing the phone looks better in actual. yeha that's all.

  • tamas

t610 is better, but i have a st55. coooool!
best regards!

  • joro



can anyone tell me the price

  • Siemens ST55

well at the momnet the only way you can send and recieve files is by downloading attachments from emails on teh phone.
Data cable is planned to come out soon.

  • Alex

Can ani1 tell me is there any other way, tt i can recieve a pic from my com other than IrDa or BT?

  • seper

thank you siemens 4 this beautiful phone
i bought this phone but i found some shortage in it and thats no connection with pc or other phons imean infra bluethoot or com cable.
other features and 65k coloe lcd is great
but can you help me how i can connect it with my pc??plz??!!