Siemens ST60

Siemens ST60

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It's the same shit than ST55. Only 140 h standby, no Irda & bluetooth. Sorry Siemens, but this is not a business phone. A bad phone for bad people.

  • raptor

This is not made in Germany ST series are ODM products like MC60

  • Siemens=class

Forget about those tack Xelibri wannabe Siemens phones. The ST60 is business. They don't deserve to share the name, yes this lacks two major features but it is still a kick ass high quality German product. Besides, the info must be wrong because this should have Bluetooth and IRDA. Germans are good at making hi-tech gadgets and phones as much as they are with cars!

  • Anonymous

NO Irda AND bluetooth :-/

  • DANinjaLunatic

Something about this phone that sux! It's only 4 the uk(T-mobile)

  • Anonymous

yes the st55 with java thats great

  • DaNinjaLunatic

Evolution! Way better than that f****in st55! Seems like best Siemens phone(except SX1).. I'd buy it!

  • marsques

As long as I find nothing bad with this phone, I consider it good!