Siemens ST60

Siemens ST60

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  • pizdys

rubbish phone, all have memory problem, poor picture quality, freezing every 2 days (software bugs), JAVA programs never working correctly (if you pass instalation process -almost mission impossible) this phone is like Beta test unit or prototype.

  • definitely


  • k a s p a r

if somebody knows where i can find new original genuine cover for that phone, please email me

  • Anonymous

i have one for two years one button lost its function completely and it turns off once a day by itself and i have to charge it every single day but i love it and we are connected and i don't want to buy new one

  • lola

i had that phone for about month and then it just turnd off and i never could turn it on again :/ can somebody help me and say what problem could there be ... i realy loved that phone ;(

  • Tope

i want to activate gprs

  • hishamdn

i've been having da phone 4 ova 2 yrs now. yes, da battery standby time is bad and it powers off becos u've activated da power saving mode. so, reset the setting by deactivating da power saving mode. as for da mms, i had da same problem using one particular brand of service provider but after changing to another company and had da gprsn mms resetting reconfigured, i could send mms with ease. i think da only setback with using siemens is that its such an unpopular brand that the phone dealer doesnt even want to accept it for trade-in. thats da reasoon why i'm still holding on to it after all this time

  • bob

i was told that this phone has a gps built in and a 6mp camera, i bought the phone and didnt have the features......

  • richard

can anyone tell me the configuration of this phone. and how to activate the gprs and the mms.

  • richard

i have also this kind of phone, i like it but i cant send mms then if i send mms the result is connect error, what can i do to solve it so taht i can send mms, also that it well just off power. can you hepl me.......

  • Aleksandar

Hi. I have this phone for 3 years.It automaticly shuts down from unknown reason and it has a lot of bugs and issues. If someone has solved this problem or has the same problem as me PLEASE contact me.

  • Tabi Emmanuel

This phone just goes off automatically at times,i don't know why.And immediately i use the camera the battery just runs down.
I really want to know why it's going off automatically.And when it goes off but itself there is a line on the screen,
Please if any can help me u can contact me to by phone 002377434500.I am in Cameroon.

  • Sandra

Hello! My phone is to give warning "mms memory full" continal and I can't to send mms. But my phone's memory is empty. I to turn factory settings but result same... What can I do???

  • Shady

Its the best design in the whole world but it has no mp3 player or memory expansion DISSAPOINTED

  • Dejan

I don't now how to save some file (picture, melodies, games) from gprs... Please someone help me....

  • mario

I have siemens ST60 and i try to download pictures on my computer but it doesnt work.It said than my phone cant suport the program.I dont know what can i do.Please help me.Sorry,but i dont know english very good...:))

  • Marin

This mobile is not bad , all options work , but I don't know how to download melodies and pictures.When I choose the link , the melody starts ringing and it doen't start downloading .PLESE SEND ME E-MAIL DISCRABING HOW TO DOWNLOAD MELODIES AND PICTURES.My e-mail is

  • Jeff

There is no option for download.Download of games keeps long and sometimes not at all.I cant get the cable to buy.The memory is also small.Cant set downloaded pictures as wallpapers.Can someone please teach me how you can set downloaded pictures as wallpapers and that of a ringtone.Please i need your help ( am buying too much siemens phones.Thanks Please help me.

  • Geoffrey

The first day i bought my phone,i was very happy
But i found out that display was very bad.You can not download java games and many more.When you download ringtones you cannot set them as a ringtone.The memory is not enough.Please do someting about it

  • Ruunar Hålmström

Nice shape and looks. Bad quality, JAVA not working, MMF ringtones don't work (downloaded) because of the phone. Don't work properly as a modem. Scratches look bad in a relatively new phone. This is my fourth Siemens phone and the worts. It really does not deserve the Siemens name.