Siemens ST60

Siemens ST60

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  • Belinda

albert lukman, the same problem just happened to me since 2 months ago. suddenly the tones were gone. not even the key tones. it can only vibrate.
the joystick is the first thing that broke (1 month after i bought it)

i'd say this gadget sucks. it's the worst thing ever.

  • dexter

And then again .. after all this chat .. did any of you managed to actualy download something on it using gprs ? I cant download any mids or gifs or java's .. the browser automaticly opens them .. but no option to save .. at least none that I saw .. and the java's .. the browser just gets stuck when trying to download .. what's wrong ?! .. and again .. the voice dialing .. I can record .. where's the option to actualy use it ! .. seesh .. it's so messed up ! mail me .. its a great phone .. but only if I could actualy download something with it!

  • Ularam Titus

I recently dropped my st60 under impact and broke the display. i really wanted it fixed but could not get a replacement for the lcd
is there somewhere i can get it. I can't find it in Ukraine

  • Albert Lukman

Does ST60 has speakerphone built in??? if it does, what should i do to turn in on???

  • David Ogun-Emmanuel

My phone has suddenly gone silent. I thought it was on mute, but I cant seem to find anything of sought on the phone. All effort to make it "Ring out" has proved abortive, even after putting it back to "factory settings". Is there a code to be used or some other steps to be follwed? please heeeeeeeelp
David - Nigeria

  • sakiru

I think this is a very nice phone.. compared to n3220, this is much better.. but i can't activate the voice command/dial.. i can only record the sound but not to activate it..anyone can help me?

  • Iliyan Milev

HELP!!! I can't download no one game to my ST60. It says that my gsm can't play the game... Where I can find and download games for siemens ST60...
greetings from Finland

  • Nedyalko Petrov

Pleas i need help.I have this problem- i can't save pictures in My photos directory and there is always a message "DOWNLOADS SPACE FULL".I erazed almost all the staff that can be erazed and still no change.If someone knows something about that issue please let me know.Thank you

  • Anonymous

WHat s the diffrence between this 1 and the st55 i wanna understand i like st55 more cuz it s cheaper but any way i m gonna buy a nokia 6600 it s best phone 4 evre and 4 always happiness amigo amigo et s rock 6600 fifa 2006 best phone with st55 yeah

  • Gergo Miklosi

We are looking for a software to connect my ST60 through an RS232 cable with our computer. Any ideas?
thanks Gergo

  • emre aktuna

stuck with this phone.not the best of course but it's better than most of the mobiles,but one big problem:PLEASE help me about downloading java programs and ringtones from any site,because it does not work i think..

  • Martin

So i have changed my Samsung V200 to siemens ST60.I like it very much? The video recorder isnt the best,but its better than nothing,and its enough for me.Ringtones are very pleasant to hear.I think 3220couldnt be compared with ST60.Nokia hasnt got so luxurious screen,photo quality.May be it has better only one thing:it could record video longer than ST60.and thats all.Siemens is pleasant to use,only keys are a little bit small.but thats nothing when you compare with 3220.So and so- THE WAY FOR SIEMENS ST60 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for my bad english!!

  • sam

Lovely phone but with d disadvantage of no blue tooth and infra red port.why
try and do something about do we download stuffs.

  • Martin

I think this phone looks sophisticated.and it has many features like video,wide selection of camera features.

  • Anathaema

Thomas. definetly NOKIA 3220. It has a few flaws (no IRDA, small memo) but it's better than ST60, I assure u!
and even if it's 16channels poly, it sounds better than 40chords siemens, sadly for siemens

  • Jennifer

I search for a software of my ST60 can't access it,bought it sim locked.Please help can't afford losing it

  • doubting_thomas

Hi peeps! Need ur help urgently.I'm deciding to buy either Siemens ST60 or Nokia 3220. I heard that the screen for 3220's rather mono type and that it has only 16 channels sound.I NEED help from those of you who have this phone to tell me hows the picture and sound quality of this phone.Thanks ya all.

  • anan ballangnoi


  • jeevan

i would like know semens st60 model details&seting's. could u send it to me

  • sam

Mine just got locked up,maybe phone code or do i open it.anybody with idea cos cant figure out what next to do