Siemens ST60

Siemens ST60

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  • MX. Pavlof

Are you sure, that Siemens ST60 have a 5 MB shared memory ?!?!?!?
I looked at , there is nothing like this - 5 MB shared memory

  • Anonymous

I'd rather get a nokia3220

  • Gergő

I search a software for my ST60 phones.
Such, i can down-upload my photoes and ringtones for PC.(Because the T-Mobile couldn't engage it).
Please help me!!!!!!!!

  • Min fei

how to use the voice dialing ....
i couldn't find the voice control selection at start...

  • alex

Where the h... you are changing tone of incomming message?
Anyone can help?

  • marko

I dont now where is the USB and I dont now price for that model.Pleace sent me e mail whit 3D photo for ST60. tenk you

  • vcontinuum

actually i love the design, shape n wanted to buy the phone, but ended up with a nokia 6610. why? way too expensive, no bluetooth, no irda, no radio...for a couple of rm hundred more i can get a se t630 or even the malaysia i cant understand why an expensive rm1300 phone does not have bluetooth or irda..anyway most games support nokia only .im very satisfied with the nokia 6610!

  • Yeah

Bought me one today, for $130.. and for that price it FUCKING ROCKS!!, I'm loveing it and it looks so damn good too.. wonderfull phone , screen, camera, sound
Some minor stuff that's annoying with software but all in all it works better than most other phones I've tried :)

  • samie

hmmmm this phone looks like the se t68i i like the look of it though you can get better phones with more features.

  • kakashi

is this phone far better den st55??is this phone still spoilt n hang ezily??

  • Prongs

Why is there so little people carrying ST60???

  • alfred

the backlight illuminate too short time, can anybody advise if it can be adjusted.

  • Karen

does anybody know how to get rid of the operator logo on the display screen?? it's smack in the middle n obstrucks the pix wallpaper.. kinda silly i think

  • melville

At least they should have given it tri-band

  • nokia

i mean cheap too! :)

  • nokia

guys... you don't get everything in a small package. where is the infrared and bluetooth? why don't you buy a higher model like SX1 and get everything. everything costs money and st60 is just to cheap to makes ends meet. but all in all it's a nice phone clever phone and cheat too!

  • M V

You can transfer pictures and sounds to the phone via a Cable. Find the SW at .

  • Phone User

A Good Phone without the essentials-Bluetooth, Infrared port & MMC/SD Card Slot. What a Pity!

  • Morter !

i don't think that this phone can transfer pictures to the computer. it does not have an IR and they did not inform about the USB port too. however, if it has a facility to transfer files to the computer via USB cable, even than it is my general observation that siemens accesories are always too expensive and come into the market after more than 8 months and sometimes a year, of the lanching date of that phone.
beside this, in this phone, one can not change the message tone atall.

  • Rob

can this phone transfer its pictures to a computer?